Dr. Lynna S. Belin, Ph.D., R.N. is recognized by Continental Who's Who among Pinnacle Professionals

Sep 27, 2013, 19:00 ET from Continental Who's Who

FULLERTON, Calif., Sept. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- / Continental Who's Who/ -- Dr. Lynna S. Belin, Ph.D., R.N. is recognized by Continental Who's Who among Pinnacle Professionals in the field of Healthcare Education. Lynna is an Adjunct Professor of Health Policy and Management at Loma Linda University.

As a child, Dr. Belin moved to Los Angeles with her parents who relocated to the area to obtain their Bachelor's Degrees in Medical Technology. They settled into life in California and she and her two siblings were raised on 3 and half acres of land in Paradise, California. As an adult, she looks back on her childhood fondly and remembers the love she had for her parents. She had a wonderful childhood and remembers the family dog "Boots" running around the grounds of their house. In addition, Dr. Belin enjoyed spending time with her grandparents at their home in Edmund, Oklahoma. Dr. Belin has vivid memories of her grandmother's cooking and enjoyed learning how to make homemade pancakes and biscuits from scratch.

Following in the footsteps of her parents, Dr. Belin entered the field of Medicine. Her passion for the medical field has secured her position at Loma Linda since 1991. As a Professor, she specializes in Health Economics; Economics of Orphan Drugs; Health Outcomes Research; Quality of Life; Patient Care; Managed Care; Outcomes Research; Teaching; Health Economic Strategy Development; as well as Nursing.

Throughout both her career and her personal life, Dr. Belin has excelled at overcoming adversity. She is living proof of someone with extraordinary courage. At the age of 25 with a 3 week old daughter she lost her mother, father 2 aunts and 2 uncles in a tragic car accident. Not only did Dr. Belin endure this difficult period of life but in 1997, she herself was in a terrible car accident leaving her with spinal cord injury. These tragedies never stopped Dr. Belin from pursuing her dreams. She continued her life with pride and has touched many others in her life including her students at Loma Linda University.  It is as a result of her perseverance and determination that Dr. Belin lives up to her designation as a Pinnacle Professional and inspiration to all. She hopes to be remembered by others as a source of strength and motivation when times are hard.

Dr. Belin earned her Ph.D. in Economics, Finance, International Finance, Health Economics and The Economics of Orphan Drugs from Claremont Graduate University. In addition, Dr. Belin holds a Master of Science Degree in Economics from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Dr. Belin also received an Associate of Science Degree in Registered Nursing from Pacific Union College.

In her spare time, Dr. Belin enjoys Reading; Gardening; Decorative Painting; and Writing; Spending Time with Family. She is the proud mother of her two adult children, Heather Spadone, who is a Horticulturist and a mother of 4 children (3 of which are triplets), and her son Jared Leach, who is a classical guitarist.

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