Dr. Mahnaz Rashti Provides Dental Treatments That Aid in the Prevention and Control of Periodontal Disease in Patients With Diabetes

By keeping periodontitis in check with Dr. Rashti, diabetes patients are able to prevent significant damage to gum tissue, as well as more complications with their diabetes

Dec 09, 2010, 20:37 ET from Dental Implant 90210 Public Relations

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Diabetes is recognized as one of the most widely occurring diseases on the planet, with over 170 million people being affected by it worldwide. While diabetes presents can present many complications for those who suffer from it, including high blood pressure, arterial disease, and even blindness, much research has been done with regards to the relation between diabetes and periodontal disease. In fact, a definite correlation has been drawn between how having diabetes increases one's propensity for developing periodontitis. Fortunately, dental care from a professional is a key way to prevent diabetes sufferers from developing highly problematic periodontal disease, and Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is a premier periodontist for patients all over Los Angeles.

As a premier Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Rashti specializes in dental implants, periodontal treatments, pocket reductions, sinus augmentations, full mouth reconstruction, and more. One of the reasons Dr. Rashti has become the go-to source for safe and effective periodontal treatments is the sincere compassion she has for the well being of her patients, as well as the extensive scholarly and working experience she has in the field of periodontics. Aside from years of experience as a clinical instructor and associate professor at the UCLA Veterans Hospital, Dr. Rashti is also one of the top contenders in Best of LA's voter poll for Best Implant Dentist in Los Angeles.

With dental treatment with Dr. Rashti, diabetes patients are able to reduce the likelihood of developing periodontal disease and the many mal-effects that it causes. Periodontal treatment is especially important for diabetes sufferers because the healing processes and correct immune response to slow the progression of periodontal disease are compromised when someone has diabetes. For patients with diabetes who already have severe periodontal disease, Dr. Rashti is able to adeptly provide dental implants in Beverly Hills that seamlessly provide functionality and aesthetic appearance.

The likelihood of diabetes sufferers developing periodontitis is much higher than the average population, making Dr. Mahnaz Rashti's highly specialized dental services instrumental in allowing patients to gain control of their oral health and minimize the possibility of health complications.

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