Dr. Meir Silver Joins Aspect Imaging as New Director, Pre-Clinical Research

Jul 23, 2014, 07:00 ET from Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging Continues to Build its World-Class Technical Leadership Team as it Continues
to Grow its Product Line and Customer Base in the Pre-Clinical Research Market Globally

SHOHAM, Israel, July 23, 2014 /CNW/ - Aspect Imaging, the world leading developer of high-performance compact permanent magnets, announced that Meir Silver, PhD has joined Aspect's management team as the new Director, Pre-clinical research.

Dr. Silver, in his new role will lead Aspect Imaging's pre-clinical platform technology and commercialization initiatives and will continue to create new application opportunities upon which Aspect Imaging can further develop its competitive advantage in the research market. He will also manage Aspect Imaging's valued partnership and distribution agreements with Bruker for the ICON™ compact MRI platform and with Mediso Medical Systems for use of Aspect Imaging's M2 compact MRI system in its nanoScan® integrated PET/MRI and SPECT/MRI systems. Dr. Silver was most recently Vice President, Clinical Affairs with Azimuth Therapy, Ltd., a developer of radiation therapy devices and solutions.  Dr. Silver has eight years' experience in business development and clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked with the application of MRI, CT, and Nuclear Medicine to clinical trials in neurology, oncology, and rheumatoid arthritis.  He has over twenty years' experience in the field of MRI systems, including international positions in R&D and applications for Siemens Medical Solutions and Philips Medical Systems.  Dr. Silver is a co-author of over forty scientific papers, posters, and presentations, including his important work demonstrating the first slice-selective, adiabatic radio-frequency pulse for MRI and Spectroscopy.   

As part of the transition, Aspect Imaging's commercial office will move from Canada to the US in order to best support the pre-clinical efforts, as well as to support the growing demand for Aspect Imaging's products in the medical and industrial markets.

"Aspect Imaging has experienced significant growth directly for our M-Series compact MRI platform as well as for our partner's pre-clinical products which leverage our core technology," says Uri Rapoport, Aspect Imaging's Founder and CEO. "Meir is an experienced MRI technologist and manager and will add significant value to our organization and to our customers as Aspect Imaging continues to grow our pre-clinical offering".

Aspect Imaging's next major pre-clinical event is the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in September 17 - 20, 2014 in Seoul, Korea, at which time they will be making a number of major new product announcement regarding new compact MRI models as well as multiple new
quantitative pre-clinical software products.

About Aspect Imaging:

Aspect Imaging (www.aspectimaging.com) is the world's leader in the design and development of high-performance compact MR imaging and NMR systems for pre-clinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications. In the clinical market, Aspect Imaging has multiple clinical programs underway including its system to provide highly efficient just-in-place compact MRI for imaging of the wrist. The system allows clinicians to harness the power and insights of MRI but without the cost, complexity and technical burden of traditional MRI systems.  In the pre-clinical research market, the M-series of compact MRI systems, including the M3 and M10 systems enable a wide variety of in vivo applications and research models. Aspect Imaging also supplies its M2™ magnet, gradients and handling systems to Bruker for use in its leading ICON™ compact MRI platform.  Due to its high-performance M2 permanent magnet and suite of related products, the ICON enables academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to harness the power and insights of MRI but without the cost, complexity and technical burden of traditional MRI systems. Pre-clinically, Aspect Imaging's M2 system is also used for providing 3D MR-based Histology to complement and direct pathology and histology-based analysis, as well as providing the M2 platform to Mediso Medical Systems for use in its nanoScan® integrated PET/MRI and SPECT/MRI systems. Aspect Imaging's novel permanent magnets are also used in advanced industrial applications including rheology where its FlowScan™ platform can operate in-line, on-line or near-line on large-scale production lines for food processing, consumer products, oil and gas, biofuels and other applications providing real-time, non-invasive and quantitative read-outs for process and quality control.

SOURCE Aspect Imaging