Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Beverly Hills Gummy Smile Specialist, Offers his Patent-Pending Gumlift Treatment to Remedy Gummy Smiles

Aug 20, 2012, 09:00 ET from Dr. Parsa Zadeh

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Beverly Hills gummy smile surgeon, has created a groundbreaking treatment called the "Gumlift." The Gumlift is a patent-pending treatment that utilizes a variety of surgical and cosmetic remedies to fix gummy smiles. No gummy smile is too difficult to treat with the Gumlift surgery.

Gumlift surgery is successful because it utilizes individual treatments that address the causes of the patient's gummy smile. The causes of a gummy smile can include overgrown gums, a larger than normal jaw bone, disproportionately small teeth, a lip that retracts too far when the patient smiles, or other structural problems involving the jaw, teeth, lip, or gums. Some patients have a gummy smile due to one or more of these causes. Dr. Parsa Zadeh, gum lift specialist, selects the treatments that directly address the cause of the patient's gummy smile. For example, a patient with a larger than normal gum line as well as a lip that retracts too far up when the patient smiles may require surgery to trim the bone and reduce the size of the gum line. This may include an indirect or direct lip repositioning to prevent the lip from retracting too far. 

Few other dentists are as skilled or qualified to correct gummy smiles because they lack the surgical qualifications, or because they lack the experience. Dr. Zadeh has the surgical qualifications that include a certification in IV sedation. This allows him to perform surgical treatments such as trimming the jaw bone, which most other dentists cannot perform. In addition, Dr. Zadeh has over twenty years of experience with the Gumlift procedure. This qualifies him as one of the most experienced dental surgeons in the region.

To find out more about how the patent-pending Gumlift surgery can benefit the appearance of your gummy smile, call the office of Dr. Zadeh at (310) 273-8414. If you live too far from Beverly Hills for a personal consultation, email a clear photograph of your gummy smile. Dr. Zadeh will examine the photo and email a tentative treatment plan and a cost estimate. You can also visit http://www.gumliftspecialist.com for more information. Dr. Zadeh's office is located at 9100 Wilshire Blvd, suite W448 in Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

SOURCE Dr. Parsa Zadeh