Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Gummy Smile Dentist, Offers Surgery to Fix Gummy Smiles

Aug 30, 2013, 09:00 ET from Dr. Parsa Zadeh

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Parsa Zadeh, renowned cosmetic dentist, is pleased to offer his patent-pending gummy smile fix to correct cases of gummy smile. A gummy smile is a smile in which the gums appear to be disproportionately large when compared with the teeth.

Gummy smiles can be caused by a variety of reasons, which is what makes surgery to fix a gummy smile complicated. In some cases, the gummy smile is caused by a jaw bone that is wider than normal, creating a large gum line. In other cases, the lip retracts too far when the patient smiles, showing too much of the gum line. Gummy smiles can also be caused by smaller than average teeth or by gum tissue that grows too far over the teeth.

Because gummy smiles can have so many causes, and in some cases they can have more than one cause, no one gummy smile procedure can remedy all cases of gummy smiles. This is why Dr. Zadeh developed the Gum lift treatment. The Gum lift is not a single surgical procedure. Instead, it is a collection of procedures and surgical treatments that can be used to correct gummy smiles. Dr. Zadeh matches the cause or causes of the patient's gummy smile with the procedures he will use for fixing a gummy smile. Addressing the cause of the gummy smile provides the patient with lasting results that will improve the appearance of their smile.

About Dr. Zadeh

Dr. Zadeh knows how to fix a gummy smile thanks to his years of experience and vast level of knowledge. He graduated from the College of Dental Surgery, Manipal, in 1984. After graduation, he continued on to complete postgraduate work in advanced restorative technique and esthetic dentistry. Since then, Dr. Zadeh has completed well over 1,100 hours of continuing education courses, earning him Master status from the Academy of General Dentistry.

To learn more about Dr. Zadeh's Gum lift procedure, as well as details about the gummy smile fix cost, schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is complimentary, and there is no obligation. Financing is available to break down the cost of the procedure into small, affordable payments.

Website: http://www.gummysmilefix.org/

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