DR® Power Equipment Introduces All-New 2016 DR Field and Brush Mowers

Lineup Expanded to Include Tow-Behind Finish Mowers

Oct 30, 2015, 13:41 ET from DR® Power Equipment

VERGENNES, Vt., Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DR Power Equipment, the industry leader in professional grade power equipment for homeowners for 30 years, recently introduced a new lineup of 2016 DR Field and Brush Mowers. It's the result of a comprehensive redesign of the entire line of popular brush mowers – both walk-behind and tow-behind models – that includes new features, new models and new lower prices.

The new line comprises three types of mowers: 1) Walk-Behind Brush Mowers; 2) Tow-Behind Brush Mowers; and 3) Tow-Behind Finish Mowers, which is a new category for DR.

The new Walk-Behind Models have all the impressive raw power of the original DRs and several new enhancements, including:

Wider Cutting Decks - Customers can now choose among models with cutting widths of 26", 30" or 34". The newly redesigned decks have also been enclosed on three sides. The result is more aggressive mulching, the elimination of the windrows left by side discharge designs and faster open-area mowing.

Power Steering - The 30" and 34" deck models are now equipped with power steering, which makes maneuvering their bigger frames easy. Power Steering is achieved with hand-operated disc brakes that are mounted on each wheel, so when the operator brakes on one side, the mower pivots easily around that wheel. Even wide "one-eighty" turns at the end of a row of field grass can now be handled with ease.

Optional Attachments - DR's four-season attachments (42" lawn mower, snow thrower, chipper and grader/snow blade) are now available on all walk-behind models thanks to a simplified design scheme.

The Tow-Behind Brush Mowers were also improved in several key ways:

4-Wheel Design - DR engineers moved from their traditional two-wheel design to a four-wheel configuration that allows for greater stability and improved ability to follow the contours of uneven terrain. Additionally, the four-wheel setup makes it possible to have the mowing deck reach outside the wheelbase, so it's easy to mow right up against a fence line, outbuilding, or other obstacle without leaving a lot of cleanup mowing.

"Floating" Decks - The mowing deck is suspended from the steel frame in a way that allows it to ride up and over the high spots on the ground. Unlike mowers with rigidly fixed decks, this allows the DR to go over rough terrain without getting "run aground" and with very little likelihood of scalping.

More Brush Cutting Power - The redesign of the frame and the reconfiguring of the deck creates a geometry that translates into more brush cutting muscle. The new tow-behinds – with engines up to 20HP – can now take down 3" thick saplings, matching the legendary walk-behind models for pure brawn.

In addition to redesigning the full line of brush mowers, DR entered a new branch of the mowing market with the introduction of its new Tow-Behind Finish Mowers.

"Our field and brush mowers are known for brush and out-of-control grass and weeds; over the years we focused on improving their performance in the harshest conditions," says Joe Perrotto, CEO. "But we realize there are also customers with tamer land, or land they've already cleared and just want to keep mown, and since our brush mowers are overbuilt for lawns or regularly mown fields, we designed a lighter mower for "finish mowing" at a very reasonable cost."

Built specifically for large lawns and fields where the growth doesn't exceed two feet, DR Finish Mowers are available with either a 44" or 60" cut. They deliver a high-quality finish cut towed behind a riding mower, ATV or tractor. When used in tandem with traditional riding mowers (or zero-turns), the DR Finish Mower adds supplemental mowing width. As an example, the 60" DR Finish Mower paired with a typical 48" riding mower, can cut over 100" wide. Needless to say, mowing time can be cut dramatically with that kind of width.

The new Finish Mowers start at an introductory price of just $1,399.99 and can be pre-ordered now for early 2016 delivery. For more information on the entire line of new DR Field and Brush Mowers, including the DR Field and Finish Mower, visit DR at www.drpower.com, or call toll-free, 800-687-6575.

DR® Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc. (a Generac® company) is the premier developer and marketer of professional-grade outdoor equipment for residential use. The company was founded in 1985 in Charlotte, Vt. Today it occupies three facilities and employs 220 people. For more information, visit www.drpower.com.

DR® Power Equipment sells products factory-direct and through a network of more than 500 dealers. A free catalog can be ordered at 802-877-1200, or online at www.drpower.com.

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