Dr Robinson Pledges to Build Safer, More Prosperous Madagascar

Sep 17, 2013, 05:00 ET from Ravalomanana 2013

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, September 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --


  • Presidential candidate highlights manifesto focus
  • Inspirational speech on Malagasy riches
  • Principles fully supported by The Mouvance party

Madagascar Presidential candidate Dr Jean Louis Robinson of the AVANA Party laid out the bedrock of this campaign this weekend in an inspirational speech to his supporters in the country's capital, Antananarivo.

The former medical doctor has made improving access to healthcare through rebuilding Madagascar's crumbling infrastructure a key part of his campaign, along with reforming the police force and repairing the country's reputation on the international stage.

All of the principles in Dr Robinson's extensive manifesto are in tune with the aims of previous election candidate and former First Lady Mme Lalao Ravalomanana, who stepped down last month and redirected the support of her party, The Mouvance Ravalomanana, to his campaign.

Although Dr Robinson believes Madagascar will only be free from the rule of 'foreign powers' after it has created its own prosperous economy, he still believes relations must be rebuilt with the United Nations if the country is to succeed. Opening up finance and banking services will be key to promoting home-grown business, eradicating extreme poverty, improving healthcare and education.

Dr Robinson said: "I will work hand in hand with all Malagasy people, every one of whom has the right to succeed. We encourage every Malagasy citizen to work and create their own riches, so that we will not eternally be the employees of foreign powers.

"Yet Madagascar needs to look to the future and improve its image on the world stage, while embracing reconciliation and mutual forgiveness to avoid future political crisis. Our only adversary is poverty. I ask all professions - farmers, craftsmen, doctors and office workers - to unite and work with us to create a stronger, safer, more prosperous Madagascar."

Mme Ravalomanana added: "The broad-ranging and practical aims underpinning Dr Robinson's campaign are very close to our hearts in The Mouvance. Only with improved healthcare and education can our people rise and prosper. But our manufacturing and agricultural sectors are the engine room of that prosperity and must be supported financially if we are to succeed."

Effective decentralisation of many state services, promotion of Malagasy sport and culture, guaranteeing freedom of expression and protecting the environment are mainstays of Dr Robinson's manifesto.

The presidential elections are due to take place on October 25 and will be the first free and fair elections Madagascar has experienced in more than a decade. The elections follow a period of political upheaval after a military coup took control of the country in 2009.

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