Dr. Schellhammer Has 'Cracked the Mystery of Humanity'

Individuation Academy poised to help 50 million over the coming decade and supply new hope around the globe.

Oct 28, 2010, 06:18 ET from Individuation Academy

MARBELLA, Spain, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the advances humankind has made in technology, science, communication and spirituality over the past thousand years, human beings have yet to solve the most important, intriguing mysteries of humanity.

What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Why is there suffering and death? What happens when I die? Who am I? Every day across the globe, billions of people are asking these questions, left unsatisfied with the answers.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer's Individuation Academy aims to form life counselors and coaches for the Third Millennium. "We intend to provide personal and spiritual fulfillment to billions, through democratic and dogma-free education that answers the most important questions in life," says Schellhammer. "The Individuation Academy will also supply a new career niche that can potentially provide stability and purpose to 50, if not 100, million people in the coming decade."

The world's population today faces a future of financial instability, economic turmoil, social unrest, wars, and a lack of realistic and long-term job perspectives. "Life coaches and counselors who offer real support and guidance to people all over the world have never been more needed than they are today," says Schellhammer, "and we intend to fill this need."

Dr. Schellhammer has authored 21 books and founded Marbella University. He studied education, psychology, philosophy, information technology and statistics in Fribourg and Zurich. He has expertise in psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, and behavior training.

It's no secret that every day, billions of people ask questions about life, love, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, dreams, feelings and inner conflicts. Dr. Schellhammer insists that "the programs provided by the Individuation Academy are founded in the Archetypes of the Soul and offer the answers, tools, skills, and environment for developing the 'cracked mystery of humanity.'" It is the doctor's hope to offer billions of people a peaceful future in an evolutionary age. He seems well-equipped to begin this challenging new venture.

For more information about educational programs, insights, and services offered by the Individuation Academy, visit their website at http://www.individuationacademy.com or call (+34) 952.810.645.

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