Dr. Scott Noren Announces "The Occupation of Time Warner Cable" Via 35 Minutes of Piloted Aerial Banner Message in Albany, New York Today

Feb 10, 2012, 07:00 ET from Dr. Noren For U.S. Senate

ITHACA, N.Y., Feb. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dr. Scott Noren, U.S. Senate candidate, NY has decided to demonstrate against Time Warner Media/YNN of NY and it's political show, Capital Tonight. He will be doing this by means of an aerial banner message today at 2:30 pm. for 35 minutes. This flight was originally scheduled Monday but there was a personal emergency with the original pilot.

Dr. Noren was registered as the sole challenger to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in early Spring of 2011, well before Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos declared. Time Warner and Gannett Media, influenced by his own Democratic Party, has 'blacked-out' his campaign in his opinion. "If you don't have millions of dollars to spend, you don't get as many interviews," says Dr. Noren. He feels that an outside the box type media campaign is the only way to reach more people at this time. "The public should know who is running and what they stand for," says Noren.

Dr. Noren states that, "The need for a strong voice from a third party, and real grassroots candidate that is truly not Party or corporately underwritten is what 'street' Democrats and Independents are looking for." He will represent a political action movement that enables the middle class to have a truly independent voice in business, health care and reducing corporate greed. He is a registered Democrat but will be running as an Independent candidate.

Dr. Noren is focused especially on health care issues emphasizing personal responsibility, insurance premium affordability and provider ethics. "Without affordable health care, jobs in NY and nationwide will not be replaced and grow." He is for a complete Federal ban on hydrofracking of natural gas and feels that allowing fracking could invite a major drinking water disaster as well as ruining tourism, farming and wineries in the Fingerlakes.

Dr. Noren feels one way to increase job creation is through smaller, interest-free business loans that don't involve banks directly. He also thinks that passing more Free Trade agreements like both sides of the aisle did recently, kills jobs and takes them overseas. Dr. Noren said that, "Although it takes money to campaign, millions of dollars are wasted yearly on campaigns that could be used to stimulate job growth here domestically." Overturn of Citizen's United and getting rid of "Victory Funds" is a must. His web site is very specific on many campaign issues.

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