"Dr. SexyTime" App Offers Virtual Bedside Sex Coaching to iPhone Users, Including Famous Movie Sex Scene Reenactments

Mar 25, 2011, 09:05 ET from Calvert Strategies

WASHINGTON, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The only multifunctional, premium sex app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch just got better.  Virginia based Calvert Strategies massively upgraded their SexyTime Sex Position Guide and Choreographer app, rebranding Version 2.0 this week as "Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide," now available in the iTunes App Store.  The app is now available everywhere except China, where it was officially banned.

Though Version 1.0 was just a simple proof of concept, it sold in over 50 countries around the world, improving the sex lives of thousands of customers.  "We added so much more science and educational features that we awarded the app an honorary doctorate degree," explains R. C. Kuhn, Calvert Strategies president and project "Chief Mad Scientist."  While all apps related to sexuality have visual restrictions in Apple's App Store, the scientists behind Dr. SexyTime believe the practical educational content and entertaining and actionable features will provide true value to customers.  The company's thesis is simple: good sex is good for you. Their mission though is ambitious: to improve health and wellness through better sex.  "Science has brought us countless advances in our understanding of our species, and universe," said Kuhn, "so how we learn about sex should be no different.  The bottom line is that Dr. SexyTime is absolutely the best iPhone sex app on the market. People using it will have better sex, better health and better lives."

Since launching last summer, Dr. SexyTime's team boosted the nerd power of their all-star lineup by adding medical expertise, a doctor of physical therapy with biomechanical safety and comfort recommendations, and even a Ph.D. Sociologist with deep insights into human sexuality.  The results include a series of escalating sexual "Homework Assignments" that take couples from Beginner to Sexpert through a series of scientifically justified and educational sex-capades.  "Some assignments are not for the timid," warned Kuhn, "but there's plenty in there for everyone."

With so many sex apps on the market, Dr. SexyTime's creators felt a high quality and feature rich product was critical to differentiating from the sea of substandard sex apps.  "Most sex apps are essentially just gimmicks to steal a customer's dollar, with no expectation the app will ever get used," lamented Kuhn.  "Dr. SexyTime brings the science of better sex into bedrooms around the world and is $3.99 excellently spent.  Your lover will thank you."

While educational content was one major focus of Version 2.0, the creators ensured the content was still approachable and visually sexy, using premium digital artists to build the visual sex position guide.  "If learning about the fundamental biology and psychology of sex was as enticing as the act itself, we'd have a lot more scientists around today," offers Kuhn.  In addition to the original app functions, including high quality images of 3D avatars demonstrating sexual positions, and the unique sex position Choreographer and Randomizer features, Dr. SexyTime now offers recommended "Playlists."  Preloaded sex position playlists instantly coach users through famous movie sex scenes with a single button.  

"When done safely, sex is one of the healthiest, enjoyable and accessible human activities, though the subject remains unfortunately taboo," Kuhn concluded. "We're looking forward to offering products for more lifestyles, in addition to Android and multilingual versions very soon.  Apps are inexpensive compared to their enormous benefits and utility.  Imagine a world full of well sexed, healthy, happy humans.  We should all want to live in that world."

Information: www.DrSexyTime.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-SexyTime/166070883442348

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dr-sexytime-advanced-sex-guide/id366266359?mt=8





SOURCE Calvert Strategies