Dr. Towfigh's Skill can Prove Life-Changing for Women Suffering from a Hernia

Patient testimonials illuminate the incredible difference in care women receive from hernia expert Dr. Shirin Towfigh at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center.

Nov 07, 2013, 12:53 ET from Beverly Hills Hernia Center

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Throughout the Western United States, Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center is the only surgeon who fully dedicates her work to treating abdominal wall hernias and hernia symptoms. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques like laparoscopic hernia repair and other methods, Dr. Towfigh is able to utilize the smallest possible incisions and access hard-to-reach areas, ensuring patients receive impeccable treatment. Due to her skill and dedication to the field, Dr. Towfigh has pioneered the diagnosis and treatment of hernia symptoms in women. She has called these "hidden hernias."

Dr. Towfigh's accolades are certainly impressive – she has taught at the finest institutions in Southern California and won awards for her less invasive laparoscopic surgery approach. As a foremost specialist in hernia surgery, Dr. Towfigh is also very familiar with the ways a hernia can "hide within the female anatomy." The result of her accomplishments is perhaps best illustrated through the words of her former patients. One such patient, "Anne," posted a heartfelt testimonial on the Beverly Hills Hernia Center website in which she explains that, prior to treatment, she had lived with a hernia longer than anyone in Dr. Towfigh's recorded history – 28 years!

Anne explains that for years, she felt a light "tug" or "pull" at the crease of her right thigh as the result of a martial arts injury, which she had "mentally written off as a weakness in the muscle wall." Though there were no visual signs of hernia, Anne explains that she had also experienced a need to lean forward after urinating to fully evacuate her bladder. With time, she began to feel terrible pain across the lower abdomen and the top pelvic crease of the right thigh. She underwent a partial hysterectomy to address this pain, and it did not help. After researching symptoms, Anne states "I began searching to find the best treatment options available, all roads led to Dr. Shirin Towfigh."

Anne explains that she is from a "conservative area," where the sexual health of a woman, aside from childbirth, is often not taken seriously. Yet, with Dr. Towfigh, Anne experienced a world of difference. "Dr. Towfigh is both nurturing and brilliant in her approach to patient care," says Anne. She goes on to further praise Dr. Towfigh's warm, empathetic approach. "I didn't get the typical eye roll or exasperated sighs when I came in with my stack of paperwork and research notes. She really listened to me despite hearing the same symptoms, story and complaints as so many of her other patients. She makes each person feel validated in their experience."

For women and men alike who are concerned that they might be suffering from a hernia, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Towfigh at 310-358-5020, or via the comprehensive hernia prevention section of www.BeverlyHillsHerniaCenter.com. The doctor and her helpful staff are looking forward to hearing from you.

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