Drake Says He's Ready To Host THE 2011 JUNO AWARDS

Mar 26, 2011, 14:18 ET from CTV INC.

- RAPCITY's Tyrone "T-RexXx" Edwards gets exclusive interview two days before CTV's 10th Anniversary broadcast -

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TORONTO, March 26 /PRNewswire/ - With the biggest night in Canadian music taking place tomorrow night, Toronto-born rap sensation Drake sits down exclusively with RAPCITY host Tyrone "T-RexXx" Edwards to talk about THE 2011 JUNO AWARDS. During the interview, Drake reveals what hosting the broadcast means to him, why the JUNO Awards are so important to Canadian artists, and what viewers can expect from him on the broadcast night. Drake also shares what he will be wearing and who he is bringing as his date!

THE 2011 JUNO AWARDS air tomorrow night - Sunday, March 27, LIVE in Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. AT and at 8 p.m. in all other provinces.

On being asked to host:
Drake: "I remember when I was approached to do it, and I started asking myself, what records are we breaking here? If I actually do this, what does it mean to be the youngest host of the JUNOs ever, forty JUNO Awards, to be the youngest is incredible, to be a hip hop artist and hosting the JUNOs is also incredible."

On making the decision to host:
Drake: "I am a very proud Canadian. I think that's why it was a no-brainer for me…I didn't debate or think about my schedule. It was a clear cut 'yes' for me. I'm a very proud Canadian and to me, this award show means more than any other award show. It's a very important night for me. For it to be in Toronto, I think, is the most incredible thing, which is actually where the JUNOs originated. So for it to be back in Toronto at the ACC, and for Neil Young to be there and Shania Twain to be there, it's just an incredible night."

On the importance of the JUNO Awards:
Drake: "You've got all these people, you've got legends, you've got artists and I think it is very important for not only people on the outside of this country, but for Canadians to realize how well Canadians are doing."

On representing Canada in the hip hop community:
Drake: "To be at the fore front of all Canadian hip hop is truly an honour. You know it's an honour to go sell a million records in the US because when I do it, I'm doing it for my country. I'm not just thinking about myself I'm thinking about how everyone back home can be proud."

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