Drakontas Partners with Rosum to Provide Indoor/Outdoor Electronic Monitoring Solutions for the National Institute of Justice

Drakontas adopts Rosum's Hybrid GPS-Broadcast TV location technology for indoor/outdoor tracking and monitoring

Jun 16, 2010, 08:30 ET from Rosum Corporation from ,Drakontas LLC

CAMDEN, N.J. and SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Drakontas LLC, a provider of situation awareness tools for first responders, law enforcement and homeland defense; and Rosum Corporation, a Hybrid Positioning Technology company, today announced that they were awarded a Cooperative Agreement by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the R&D agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, to leverage their respective capabilities to create an integrated solution of command, control and tracking technologies to provide a better platform for intelligence-led policing for corrections and law enforcement.

"As a result of growing prison population rates, states are looking for cost-effective electronic monitoring alternatives to costly in-prison housing. Our work with Rosum will allow us to leverage cutting edge technology to provide a viable alternative for the criminal justice community," said Dr. Alan Kaplan, CTO of Drakontas LLC and the project's Principal Investigator.

Drakontas' CEO, Dr. Brian Regli, added, "Thanks to our ongoing work and funding from the National Institute of Justice, our DragonForce™ situation awareness toolset, in conjunction with Rosum's expertise in indoor and urban tracking technologies, is well positioned to adapt Rosum's hybrid location technology to suit the needs of the corrections community."

"Currently, one of the greatest challenges of electronic monitoring is providing reliable indoor and urban tracking.  Rosum was founded by the original architects of GPS to extend location into environments where GPS fails," said Todd Young, VP, Business Development of Rosum. "Our Hybrid GPS-Broadcast TV technology closes the GPS coverage gap, delivering a location solution that provides high-accuracy, continuous monitoring and tracking of offenders throughout indoor, urban and outdoor environments."

The initial phase of the funded project will include an evaluation of the hybrid GPS-TV technology, and the development of a prototype that combines Rosum's expertise in indoor and urban outdoor tracking technologies with Drakontas' Command and Control capabilities, and operational evaluations of the integrated solution in representative environments.

About Drakontas LLC

Drakontas (www.drakontas.com), headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, develops, evaluates and promotes interoperable communications solutions that increase the safety and operational efficiency of law enforcement, emergency response, and security personnel. The company was founded in partnership with Drexel University in 2004 to transition technologies developed at the Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) Center for the Department of Defense to commercial, civilian and homeland security uses.

In addition to providing situation awareness and information technology solutions, Drakontas administers the NLECTC Communications Technologies Center of Excellence through a cooperative agreement, awarded in 2007, from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice.  The Center of Excellence (www.commtechcoe.org), whose purpose is to test, evaluate and demonstrate cutting edge communications tools and technologies, manages a wide range of criminal justice pilot projects involving software defined and cognitive radios, position location technologies, wireless data interoperability, and other communications tools and capabilities.

About Rosum Corporation

Rosum Corporation, a venture-backed company based in Sunnyvale, California, is the first and only Hybrid Positioning Technology company to use unmodified broadcast TV signals to power location and timing solutions.  Rosum is also the first to combine GPS with Broadcast TV signals for robust and accurate hybrid positioning in all environments.  Rosum's founding team includes original architects of the GPS constellation.  Rosum's leading investors include Charles River Ventures, Allegis Capital, TruePosition Inc., Steamboat Ventures and KTB Ventures.  For more information, visit www.rosum.com.

About the National Institute of Justice

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, dedicated to researching crime control and justice issues. NIJ provides objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to meet the challenges of crime and justice, particularly at the state, local and tribal levels. For more information, visit www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij.

SOURCE Rosum Corporation; Drakontas LLC