Dress Special & Look Chic - Discover the Fashion Secrets of RELLECIGA Lace Bikinis and Digital Print Trends

Feb 05, 2013, 08:20 ET from RELLECIGA - GiftForSexy.com

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ladies who feel stuck in a fashion rut or that they haven't unleashed their beauty's true potential can look to RELLECIGA's fashion advice for help in taking their style to another level and securing the confidence they deserve!

As a matter of fact, chic fashion is not only about what one wears, but also how one wears it! Right here, discover tricks and fashion secrets for the coming summer that most fashion magazines seem to forget to reveal!

First Things First - The Fashion Basics We Tend to Ignore

Through understanding these basic fashion tips, women can achieve a chic and fabulous personal style that is completely original. Follow these tips to accentuate your best assets and the natural beauty of your physical appearance.

Learn how to:

  • Give yourself a style makeover
  • Determine the best colors to make you glow
  • Dress for your body figure
  • Select accessories and haircuts that flatter your face shape
  • Effectively organize your closet and save time and money
  • Build a solid wardrobe foundation
  • Put together stylish outfits
  • And much more …

Fashion Inspiration - Creating Your Own Style with RELLECIGA Lace Bikinis

After mastering the basics, it's time to define your personal style by adding edge and originality. Stretch your style envelope by looking for fashion inspiration outside of your comfort zone.

Here are some how-tos and fashion tips on the different chic fashion styles for the coming summer at the pool or beach.

Learn how to:

  • Define your personal style
  • Dress hot in a bikini
  • Wear more revealing, youthful styles
  • Adapt vintage fashion to your style, like adding lace to your bikini – try finding inspirations from RELLECIGA Bikinis
  • And more…

Speaking of lace, this is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and brands – every price point has lace. Beach Bunny, Victoria's Secret, DOLL and RELLECIGA are always one step ahead of the fashion with incredibly stylish designs. That's the very reason people are so enamored with their bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces. Every spring and summer, people are desperate to get a swimsuit from them. This year, they will certainly not miss the up-to-date lace fashions, especially the lace bikinis from RELLECIGA, which are gorgeous, stylish and not expensive.

RELLECIGA cherishes the inspiration designers bring out to share with fashionable women. For the coming 2013 summer bikini season, RELLECIGA is taking sexy lace bikinis really seriously. So, get the lace bikini you have always wanted with RELLECIGA; and remember, lace is always better on RELLECIGA bikinis.

Lace is a complicated fabric to wear. One must ensure that other elements fit well, as lace pulls across the body when an item is too tight. This material is beautiful and rich, particularly in the Neon/Coral colors that RELLECIGA comes in, or in "jewel" tones. However, during these hot months, a classic lace shift dress or lace camisole might be particularly flattering with summer skin and highlights. When by the pool, a bikini with some lace overlay or a sweet eyelet lace detail is the perfect mix of cute, sexy, and fun.

As we mentioned above, lace, as an element to bikinis, is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and brands. A recent lace sighting has been the lace collection of RELLECIGA. They are young, cut and extremely sexy. The colors are also admirable. This lace look might be perfect for those who enjoy open swimming environments, like swimming pools or the beach.

The real good of a RELLECIGA Lace Bikini shows that the designer of it had a pretty idea; next, that the maker of it had fine fingers; lastly, that the wearer of it has worthiness or dignity enough to obtain what is difficult to obtain, and common sense enough not to wear it on all occasions.

Latest Fashion Trends – Freshen up Your Style with RELLECIGA Chic Digital Print Bikinis

What is style without trends? Boring! After building a solid closet foundation (with the basics) one needs to inject a little bit of spice to stand out at the beach and look up-to-date. Challenge your personal style with the current fashion prints on your bikini, especial digital-printed bikinis.

But remember, after selecting favorite looks and pieces for your wardrobe from the season's hot list, make sure to refine it into your own style. Tweak it!

Learn how to:

  • Make a fashion trend work for you
  • Update your clothes (bikinis for the summer) with the latest fashion prints
  • Wear the hottest looks from the current fashion trends

In addition to the introduction of lace, RELLECIGA provides more this year. One of the most important cutting edge technologies RELLECIGA brings in is Digital Fabric Printing.

Digital printing is by far one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry. Not only does it open up endless opportunities for customization, small run printing, prototyping and experimentation, but it also puts textile printing within the budget of your average illustrator. RELLECIGA's Digital Printing Bikini Process can reproduce unlimited colors and shades.

RELLECIGA bikini designs fundamentally reflect the beautiful intricacy possible with Digital Printing, as well as the technical challenges of maintaining the color contrast on the fabric.

Most commercially available fabric is rotary-screen printed; each print run is typically several thousand yards. The high minimums are due to the cost and time required to prepare a unique set of screens, with each color in a design requiring a separate screen. The main advantage of digital printing is the ability to do very small runs of each design (even less than 1 yard) because there are no screens to prepare.

The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fiber. So RELLECIGA developed a special formula for nylon in its bikinis. During the printing process, the RELLECIGA special fabric is fed through the printer using rollers, and ink is applied to the surface in the form of thousands of tiny droplets. The fabric is then finished using heat and/or steam to cure the ink (some inks also require washing and drying). Digitally printed fabric will wash and wear the same as any other fabric, although with some types of ink you may see some initial fading in the first wash.

RELLECIGA's special formula of nylon ratio in fabric makes an ideal swimsuit material as it is innately waterproof. As well as being the pioneer of Digital Printed Bikinis of RELLECIGA, it actually becomes more comfortable when it gets wet.

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