DrivingRevenue.com Surpasses 2,000,000 Affiliate Transactions

Jun 24, 2010, 11:29 ET from DrivingRevenue.com

CHICAGO, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- DrivingRevenue.com, one of the world's leading developers of affiliate marketing solutions, has surpassed its two millionth affiliate transaction and is well on the way to 3,000,000, reflecting the company's status as a provider of one of the most actively used affiliate solutions in the world.

DrivingRevenue.com's patent pending technology is embedded in more than 100 million page views daily. Their customers include thousands of the largest online communities, blogs and portals such as:  Internet Brands, KickApps, Vertical Scope, MacRumors, AVSforum and many other well known and heavily trafficked destinations.

DrivingRevenue.com's solution is so attractive because of its power and unobtrusiveness. "Since day one our mantra with affiliate marketing solutions has been simple: Pioneering consumer friendly monetization across the web.  We want to make sure that the customer experience is unchanged and transparent, and have eliminated common nuisances like annoying popups and page takeovers.  That's why so many publishers rely on us," says Raymond Lyle, CEO of DrivingRevenue.com.

DrivingRevenue.com has just launched V 4.0 of their software suite, which solves some of the major problems with affiliate marketing solutions.  The company spent 12 months analyzing the dynamic affiliate market and receiving input from thousands of their customers to develop the newest version of their solution.

DrivingRevenue.com customer Ceco Gakovic, CTO of KickApps, comments on his relationship with the company: "We love them. Driving Revenue delivered where nobody else did; with a bit of lateral thinking and innovative technology, without any interruption to the customer experience, DrivingRevenue.com delivered massive new revenues that just did not exist before."

About DrivingRevenue.com

DrivingRevenue.com, headquartered in Chicago, IL is full service affiliate marketing solution company.  DrivingRevenue.com's mission is to equip website owners with a suite of powerful and innovative tools; our patent pending technology was designed to monetize previously un-monetizeable traffic and is embedded in more than 100 million page views daily. DrivingRevenue.com uses cutting-edge solutions that provide a compressive and customized approach to a sites Internet environment. In short: helping publishers monetize their traffic. www.DrivingRevenue.com

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