Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Pharmacy Earns Industry's Top Quality & Safety Endorsement

Pet Pharmacy earns new accreditation status, high marks on quality and safety

Jun 08, 2010, 11:36 ET from Drs. Foster and Smith

RHINELANDER, Wis., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- One online pet pharmacy is making it easier for pets and customers throughout the United States to choose a compounding pharmacy they know meets the highest quality and safety standards in its profession. On May 10, 2010 Drs. Foster and Smith Free Shipping Pet Pharmacy earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board's Seal of Accreditation – a new system of standards created by some of the leading organizations in the pharmacy profession.

Compounding medications is an integral part of the practice of pharmacy and the demand for these customized medications are increasing every year. Yet many people may not even be aware of its role. Compounded medications are prescriptions that are written by physicians, veterinarians and other legally authorized prescribers and prepared for an individual patient by a specially trained pharmacist.   Examples of compounded prescriptions are:

  • Change dosages & strengths of medications for companion animals
  • Combine medications or customize formulation
  • Add the flavors your pet or horse craves
  • Create alternative dosage forms
  • Compound discontinued pet meds

Many pharmacies practice a small degree of compounding, while others specialize in the centuries-old practice.

"Our new PCAB Accreditation status and our designation as a PCAB Accredited™ compounding pharmacy lets the public know that Drs. Foster and Smith Free Shipping Pet Pharmacy ranks among the best for quality and safety," said Dr. Race Foster.  "The PCAB Seal of Accreditation shows our dedication to protecting your pets by practicing safe, high-quality compounding."

With the high volume of prescriptions that are compounded each year, there has been a need for an enhanced, profession-wide system of standards by which each compounding pharmacy can test its quality processes. While compounding pharmacy is regulated by the state, PCAB Accreditation is an even more comprehensive way to ensure a compounding pharmacy is meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

To earn PCAB Accreditation, Drs. Foster and Smith Free Shipping Pet Pharmacy had to complete an extensive application, document its written policies and provide an analysis of its quality procedures that was reviewed by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board and some of the leading figures in the field of compounding. Next, the pharmacy opened its doors for an extensive on-site inspection led by compounding experts. Only when these stringent evaluations were completed did the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board officially grant Drs. Foster and Smith Free Shipping Pet Pharmacy the PCAB Seal of Accreditation and the right to use the designation "PCAB Accredited™ compounding pharmacy."  

"We are honored by this new accreditation. It confirms our commitment to providing safe, personalized solutions that meet the medical needs of pets – and the needs of the customers throughout the country who rely on us for these specialized medicines," said Dr. Race Foster. "We believe this will further strengthen the bond of trust between our pharmacy and our customers throughout the United States."

About Drs. Foster and Smith Free Shipping Pet Pharmacy

The Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Pharmacy has been in operation since April of 2003 and has been compounding your pet's prescription medications since August of that same year. Our Pharmacy Services staff and our veterinary staff work together with veterinarians throughout the country to ensure the medications you receive are of the highest quality.  

About the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board is a not-for-profit corporation formed by eight national pharmacy organizations that recognized the need for a national standards organization for compounding pharmacy. Together, these leading organizations developed the policies and standards for the practice of compounding pharmacy, as well as the PCAB Accreditation criteria and processes.

For more information on our PCAB Accreditation visit our pharmacy at www.drsfostersmith.com or visit the PCAB Web site at www.pcab.org.

SOURCE Drs. Foster and Smith