Drunk Driving Prevention Program Partners With Vertisense To Bolster Alcohol Awareness Among Military Service Members

Techstars-backed sensor technology company partners with DDPP; shows support for the military and the volunteers who provide safe rides home

Aug 19, 2015, 10:02 ET from Vertisense

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vertisense Inc., maker of Alcohoot, the most advanced alcohol activity tracker, today announced a strategic partnership with the Drunk Driving Prevention Program (DDPP), which provides free sober rides home at military bases throughout the country. Vertisense and DDPP aim to drastically reduce drunk driving throughout the U.S. by raising awareness of personal BAC levels and offering safe rides home. DDPP volunteers at the Fort Riley, Fort Drum, and Oahu chapters will offer free Alcohoot breathalyzer tests to people as they leave bars and pubs, which encourages use of DDPP's designated drivers. The Alcohoots donated by Vertisense will also be used to ensure that none of DDPP's volunteer drivers have been drinking.

Vertisense, a leading developer of health sensor technologies, launched their FDA registered medical device, Alcohoot, in late 2013. Alcohoot has quickly gained international known as the most advanced smartphone breathalyzer equipped with police grade fuel cell sensor technology, and also received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2014.

"DDPP chose to partner with Vertisense because our program is in need of breathalyzers to help us gauge whether participants are intoxicated to the point that they require medical attention," says Brandon Brandon Wegner, President and Chairman of the Drunk Driving Prevention Program. "We greatly appreciate Vertisense's generosity and commitment to reducing DUI related deaths and injuries."

The Drunk Driving Prevention Program is a free service that provides participants with designated drivers to transport them and their vehicle home. The program was created by active-duty military to help fellow service members, however anyone may use the program. The Vertisense-DDPP partnership showcases a commitment to reduce the number of DUI's in the U.S. in innovative ways by helping people become aware of their BAC levels and make smarter decisions about whether to drive after drinking.

"We are proud of this partnership with DDPP as we help protect our men and women serving in the military, and those around them, from the dangers of drunk driving," says Christopher Ayala, CEO of Vertisense. "By providing Alcohoot devices to DDPP, we can help our men and women in uniform make smart decisions when drinking to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road and lower the healthcare costs attributed to excessive drinking."

About Vertisense:
Vertisense, a Techstars company based in New York City, develops innovative hardware and software solutions to enable human condition monitoring to accurately test and track a person's condition and collect data through non-invasive technologies. Its premier product, Alcohoot, is the most advanced smartphone breathalyzer using a police grade, FDA-registered fuel cell sensor that accurately measures a user's blood alcohol content through iOS and Android apps. Vertisense launched its Intrepid Connect platform in early June with a focus on offering businesses and law enforcement a unique way to remotely monitor blood alcohol content through an integrated mobile device, app and connected backend web portal to increase efficiencies and reduce operational risk.

For more information, visit www.vertisense.com.

About Drunk Driving Prevention Program:
The Drunk Driving Prevention Program is a service that will drive you home completely free of charge. If you want your car driven home, the DDPP will also drive your car home for free.  The DDPP is available to anyone (both military and civilians) every Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 pm until 6:00am. Participants must sign up and agree to the DDPP liability waiver in order to request a ride home from the DDPP. Program usage is completely confidential and the participants can be picked up as often as they need, granted they don't overuse the program.

For more information on DDPP, visit www.ddpp.us

SOURCE Vertisense