DSNR Labs Proudly Announces the Launch of eType's Private Beta

Jun 17, 2010, 08:41 ET from DSNR Labs Ltd

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine having your own personal creative editor who feeds you great phrasing suggestions as you type. Imagine still that he's multilingual, with impeccable grammar and spelling - Oh, and imagine he works for you pro bono, not charging you a thing. What you're actually imagining is a software called eType. (Sorry, most real editors just aren't this debonair.)

Launching today with six available languages, this international software of mystery will soon support virtually any language in the world.

In three simple words: eType completes you.

How does eType work?

The creators of eType developed a patented smart algorithm that supplies users with high probability word suggestions. These suggestions help users choose the word that they are most likely looking for and also afford them the opportunity to contribute their own suggestions. As such, eType's active English thesaurus acts as a creative facilitator as well as editor for writers, helping them to neutralize creative blocks as much as it preempts spelling and grammatical issues, completely freeing up the writer for the creative process to flow smoothly and unhindered.

eType serves not only as a dictionary for individuals to utilize, but as a dictionary for  everybody using eType to benefit from. Contributions are gathered from global users all over the world and are centralized in a single common dictionary.

Users may suggest the addition of new words, the deletion of existing words and suggest translations to eType. Each word entered by the user is processed through a series of online and offline verification tests and crowd sourcing tests, processed by eType's sophisticated algorithm, to ensure every word and translation is correct.

eType puts a strong emphasis on crowd sourcing by inputting vocabulary that the community contributes to its dictionary. eType's dictionary is a compilation of collective contributions of words gathered from all over the world in multiple languages. The sheer size of its user community will enhance eType's intelligence and functionality.

Are there alternatives to eType?

There are many built-in dictionaries and spell-checkers out there on the market – but there isn't a true alternative to eType. Other services offer dictionaries and translators in downloadable software or online Web sites, but do not offer preventative solutions that keep users from making writing errors in the first place. In addition, eType's services are all integrated into a single product so you can focus on enhancing your spelling and typing skills without having to open another application or Web site.

Additional reasons to choose eType:

  1. eType works in full integration with most programs, browsers and Web sites, including Microsoft Word, Outlook and Gmail, ICQ and Windows Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – to name a few (for a complete list of compatible programs and sites, click here).
  2. eType is completely and absolutely free; no future purchase is required.
  3. Viewing the word suggestions eType offers will greatly improve the user's capacity for spelling, increase their vocabulary level and allow them to gain confidence in their writing.
  4. Make automatic contributions to the eType dictionary without ever having to stray from your writing.
  5. Just as language changes over time, so does eType. For example, the word "tweet" today means something completely different than it did five years ago. The more eType is used and the more words are added or altered by the community, the more intelligent and enriched eType's vocabulary becomes. eType's crowd sourcing will ensure it stays relevant in today's society.

OK, I'm convinced I want eType! What now?

Download and install the eType program for free; the installation process is simple, straightforward and will only take minutes of your time. Begin typing and after three keys, eType's auto-complete window will pop up and start suggesting completions to your word. You may alter eType's settings to any number of keys or seconds you like before it suggests a completion to your word.

eType offers you translations to words in your native language so you can make sure you choose the right word at the right time. Not satisfied with the selection of word choices provided? This is where your contribution to eType's online community comes into play.  

What is eType's revenue model?

With the privilege of having strong financial backing, eType is completely free because it is truly focused on building a strong community of users, improving its predictive algorithm and releasing new features that will continue to enhance users' writing skills.

A word about Privacy from eType

eType does not save any content that users type, as the team behind eType takes their users' privacy very seriously. eType collects general statistics regarding the typed content, without any identification of the user, in order to update and enhance the vocabulary of the dictionary. Users' emails may be collected in order to update the community about new features and releases; however, users do not need to provide eType with their email address in order to download the software.

What is eType's vision for the future?

In the future, eType envisions completing not only users' single words, but entire sentences. With the support of a multilingual grammar algorithm, an extensive amount of data gathered from global users and more statistics gathered from the Web, eType will be able to complete words and sentences in the right context. eType will offer in-context suggestions based on text the writer has already entered and will allow users to adjust these in-context suggestions to apply to their personal writing capacity.

Additionally, eType also plans to open its API in the future, enabling users to share their dictionaries with other users and applications. Teenagers will be able to create their own slang dictionary with terms pertaining to sci-fi movies like Avatar and physicians will be able to create their own medical-terminology dictionary. The folks at eType envision a future world of shared online community dictionaries.

Feel free to join eTypes online communities on Facebook and Twitter.

About DSNR Labs

eType was developed by DSNR Labs Ltd, a private company founded by Daniel Scalosub and Nino Ransenberg. Scalosub and Ransenberg also founded additional ventures – including DSNR, a multi-channel Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) international e-commerce sales company, and DMG (DSNR Media Group), a leading result-based advertising network serving over 20 billion banner impressions a month. Itzhak Gerber, a well known programming expert, leads the company's technical department at DSNR Labs. Gerber has authored many successful programming books and is a regular programming lecturer. DSNR Labs is focused on developing eType's algorithm as well as enhancing its functionality and building a strong community of users around the product. In early 2010, DSNR Labs filed a U.S. patent for the technology used in eType's software.

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