DST kasina Sees Opportunities For Asset Managers In DOL's Fiduciary Rule

New White Paper Analyzes Key Rule Changes That Could Affect Distribution, Marketing, Operations, and Product Management

Feb 17, 2016, 14:35 ET from DST kasina

NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DST kasina LLC, a provider of data-driven insights and distribution solutions to financial companies around the world, today released a white paper detailing the implications of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule for asset managers.

With the paper – "Positioning Asset Managers to Capitalize on Opportunities Created by the DOL Fiduciary Rule" – DST kasina aims to help business executives understand how key rule changes might provide new opportunities to address the needs of fiduciaries providing fee-based advice.

The DOL's widely-debated Rule, if implemented as proposed, would redefine fiduciary roles and responsibilities for the advisory business while expanding transparency on fees and advice on retirement saving.

According to Julia Binder, Head of Strategic Marketing Research for DST kasina and the paper's principal author, the Rule will likely accelerate existing trends in financial services that DST kasina has been writing about for some time.

"Specifically, we're talking about the use of automated advice providers, the move from higher-cost actively managed products to lower-cost passive investment products, and the shift from commission-based to fee-based accounts," says Binder. "We know that leading asset managers have been working on initiatives to address these opportunities for some time."

In addition to key questions that a firm's DOL working group should consider with regard to distribution, marketing, operations and product strategy, the DST kasina white paper includes recommendations for:

  • Adapting to new disclosure requirements through technology, communication, and product strategy;
  • Helping distribution partners, advisors, plan sponsors, and account owners; and
  • Reporting data, providing advice, call center support, and ensuring continued servicing of small plans and accounts.

"The final Rule will cause short-term disruption for firms that are not already anticipating and responding to key industry trends," says Steven Miyao, President, DST kasina. "But asset managers that are positioned to thrive during times of significant industry change are proactively managing their product strategy, distributor relationships, technology infrastructure, and communications."

For a copy of DST kasina's "Positioning Asset Managers to Capitalize on Opportunities Created by the DOL Fiduciary Rule" white paper, contact Myra Bartalos, Head of Marketing, at mbartalos@kasina.com.

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