DST Output's Wrap Envelope Technology Extends Mailers' Customer Messaging Opportunities

Innovative process can enhance marketing and customer loyalty campaigns

Jun 30, 2010, 12:57 ET from DST Output

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's largest inkjet systems printer, DST Output (www.dstoutput.com), recently unveiled Wrap Envelope technology, a first-of-its-kind process for printing, wrapping and finishing high-volume, First-Class Mail® packages in a high-speed production environment. Wrap extends major mailers' customer marketing efforts with dynamic messaging that can be applied to the front, back and inside of the envelope.

DST Output's Wrap Envelopes are printed duplex on continuous plain roll-stock paper, and then literally wrap around multiple pages of statements, bills, inserts and reply/remit envelopes. The process enables mailers to embellish the interior as well as the exterior of the envelope with marketing messaging and promotional content, such as coupons, event information or other customer marketing materials. Added messaging on the envelope can minimize postal weight by reducing the insert count and replace separate mailings and direct mail.

"The concept and capabilities of our Wrap Envelope technology represent an 'industry first' and true innovation," said Mike Miller, vice president of Product Management & Enterprise Architecture for DST Output. "This technology also will enable personalized marketing messaging and graphics for specific markets, brands or subsidiaries that synchronize with our clients' personalized color statements or bills."

The Wrap Envelope can include targeted graphics and messaging along with the postal information (indicia and barcode) and recipient's address, the latter of which potentially frees up address space on the statement. Printing on the inside of the Wrap Envelope makes it a viable solution for one-page statements or bills with or without a remit envelope, and Wrap Envelopes can also serve as a self-mailer for privacy statements, regulatory notices or educational material.

"The inside of the Wrap Envelope is available for marketing messages or couponing with no additional postage," Miller explained. "This valuable space can be used directly by the mailer or sold to third parties as an additional revenue stream."

The new production process eliminates the need for windowed envelopes and the Wrap Envelopes are 100 percent recyclable, according to Miller. The windowless Wrap, which enhances security and privacy with no see-through areas, prints and then protectively enfolds and seals contents in a single, inline process.

From a quality perspective, Wrap utilizes an integrated No-Touch Manufacturing process that tracks every mail piece during production to verify that the total package is complete and accurate. If an error is detected, the process automatically remakes the entire mail package.

"Wrap Envelopes are inherently designed to be used for a number of purposes, from mailing statements and customer bills to sending coupons or privacy statements, and also with options along the way, such as use of personalized messaging, custom graphics and pre-printed color," Miller added. "The introduction of this new technology platform is exciting, yet this is only the beginning of demonstrating its true potential."

For additional information about Wrap Envelope technology, call (800) 441-7587 or visit DST Output atwww.dstoutput.com/solutions/print_solutions/wrap_envelope/index.html.

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