Dub box USA Announces Itself as an American Manufacturer of Retro, Lightweight, Customizable Campers

Feb 27, 2012, 13:00 ET from Dub box USA, Inc.

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Owners Shane Medbery and Heather Bauccio are excited to introduce Dub box USA campers and retail/food carts. The concept was born from American vintage trailers, merged with retro styling and infused with modern conveniences for style and comfort.  

Dub boxes will appeal to a wide range of buyers. They are simple, fun, stylish campers that can be enjoyed traditionally at a destination camp ground or customized for a small business and corporate use. 

Dub box USA will appeal to the outdoor and sports enthusiast, the vintage and custom car crowd, the food and retail cart entrepreneur, and companies looking for a portable event hosting cart or a brand awareness and marketing tool. The appeal is endless.

Dub boxes are lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is entirely customizable and the layout can be altered to suit the needs of its intended use. Dub box USA will offer a do-it-yourself model, a completed camper with a selection of finishes, and total customization to build a camper that is uniquely you. The beauty is that it is limited only to the customer's imagination. 

Heather Bauccio commented, "We believe our Dub boxes offer an attractive price point so everyone can experience the fun.  We are especially optimistic that manufacturing the Dub box in the USA and supporting our local economy really means something to the buyer." 

Shane Medbery added:  "At Dub box we believe there is a niche for campers and trailers in this size. They are larger than teardrop trailers, but not nearly the size of a typical tow behind camper.  We think their compact size coupled with the opportunity for customization makes them desirable in so many situations."               

To learn more visit www.dub-box-usa.com.  For questions or to place an order contact Shane Medbery at (971) 2DUB-BOX or shane@dub-box-usa.com.

Dub box USA, Inc. manufactures retro styled custom campers, food carts and retail trailers. Its idea originated in England as Dub box LTD by Matt Clay. For more information visit:  www.dub-box-usa.com or call 971-238-2269.

Media Contact: Natascha Medbery
Dub box USA

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