"Dumb Luck" College Sweepstakes Not So Dumb!

Students can Win Bing Crosby's Hat, a Rap Star Serenade, or a Genius To Do Their Homework!

Oct 30, 2013, 09:05 ET from Pine Brothers

CARMEL, Calif., Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixed within the campus scuttlebutt of football rankings, sorority fundraisers, and impending winter break, is talk of a rather unique College sweepstakes which is tweaking student interest from coast to coast. Imagine a sweepstakes that offers such disparate prizes as: a genius to do your homework for a night, a hat worn by Bing Crosby, an in-person serenade from rap prodigy Warren Lotas, or a napkin touched by Liza Minnelli! These are some of the prizes offered up via the Pine Bros Dumb-luck College Sweepstakes Game. The contest, which is open to all college students in America ("You needn't even speak English!") is sponsored by iconic throat drop company Pine Brothers, which was first launched in America in 1870, and is renowned for their 'softish' throat drops. It is part of a big push by Pine Brothers to introduce their softish throat drops to college-aged consumers nationwide. "Pine Bros are America's first ever commercially produced throat drops, and have been trusted by American families for over 140 years," says Pine Brothers CEO Victoria Knight-McDowell. "Nothing on the market soothes your throat as effectively or deliciously as Pine Bros, and we want college kids, with their hectic life styles, to know this."

Knight-McDowell a former school teacher, is famous for creating the popular dietary supplement Airborne, which she sold in 2005. She purchased Pine Brothers shortly thereafter and spent years tracking down the original recipes. "That was harder than it sounds, but we managed it and it was worth it." The current and original formulation remains largely unchanged since 1870. The sweepstakes was her husband's idea. "He wanted to do something fun, for young people. Pine Bros has a fiercely loyal following, but most of those folk are over 40. The college sweepstakes game and an on-campus sampling program, has helped to acquaint a younger generation with this wonderful American brand!"

Over 500,000 sweepstakes cards and product samples are being handed out on college campuses this fall and winter. Social media has cottoned on to the Sweepstakes, and its fame is spreading across everything from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. College students can go to Pinebros.com to see contest rules and learn how to play. Consumers over-all have embraced the return of Pine Brothers, vaulting it to the top of the coveted Neilsen Rankings in current distribution, where it continues to beat most legacy brands in the category. To further strengthen their media message, Pine Bros has hired style icon Martha Stewart, a long term fan of the product, to promote Pine Bros in a series of TV and print ads this winter.

Oh yes, and did we mention, the "Dumb Luck Sweepstakes" once-in-a-lifetime grand prize: One lucky winner will have an actual TV celebrity "befriend" them and hang out with them for a weekend on campus. Dumb luck has never had it so good!

SOURCE Pine Brothers