Dunja: A Woman of Inspiration in a Time of Change

Walking 'Through the Flames,' finding strength through her music

Mar 01, 2011, 12:12 ET from Dunja Music

NEW YORK, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- When a music artist can relate to an audience and have the audience relate back, it is truly a sign that the individual has star power—a charisma that Dunja naturally possesses.  In today's world of conflict and change, Dunja (pronounced Dun-ya) Vukosavovic, is filled with memories of an all-too-familiar scene. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Dunja's childhood years were defined by the Yugoslav Civil War of the 1990s. "I remember there was only one bridge left standing by the time I left home," Dunja recalls.  "I sat in a bus full of women and children...hearing the bomb sirens going off."  With wishes of love and peace for all those suffering, Dunja is reminded of her own difficult upbringing.

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Dunja would often escape into the world of music to provide some refuge for herself and her community. Winning competitions from a young age, her neighborhood took pride in Dunja's unique talent during such a testing time. As her musical abilities developed, Dunja—like many others—suffered a tragedy that can only come from being a victim of war. As the cities and countryside were targeted by constant bombing, her father was separated from Dunja and her family, as the railroads between his work and home were destroyed. For their safety, Dunja and her mother moved into a bomb shelter, but the low temperatures and unlivable conditions soon became too challenging for her sick mother.  The two decided to move back into their apartment in the city, despite the lack of electricity and risk of bombing. Upon their return, Dunja sat in front of her piano, and the first notes of her song "Through the Flames" were born.

As a young adult, Dunja ventured to New York City and wrote about her intense journey in several of her songs. Working various jobs, driven Dunja would spend her free time writing and recording, always carrying in her heart the initial melody of her song, "Through the Flames". Her desire to complete the song drove her to overcome many obstacles and would cause her to re-write and re-record on numerous occasions.  Not considering herself a singer, Dunja would often become discouraged- in part because of her accent-and eventually pulled back her recordings, stating she would not release the song. In October 2009, ten years since the first notes played in her home, Dunja agreed to release the track "Through the Flames." Today, it has become one of her greatest accomplishments.

Despite her challenging upbringing, Dunja's desire to give back is overwhelming. She has recorded a track with renowned director John Patrick Shanley (Doubt, Moonstruck), dedicated to the children suffering with cancer at the Ronald McDonald House, where she often volunteers.  "When I met Dunja, and learned about her story and background, I was struck by how incredibly positive she is," said film producer Pam Koffler (Savage Grace, Boys Don't Cry). "I was also impressed with how committed she is to her art [and how] truly determined she is to express her voice, [doing] whatever it takes to make it happen."

To listen to Dunja's "Through the Flames," please visit www.youtube.com/songthroughtheflames | www.dunjamusic.com

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