Duoline® Technologies and Precision Lining Systems, LLC Establish Relationship to Provide Lining Systems to Permian Basin Oilfield Companies

Oct 28, 2010, 09:00 ET from Duoline® Technologies

GILMER, Texas, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Duoline® Technologies announces that on October 6, 2010, Precision Lining Systems, LLC purchased from Duoline® Technologies, a 20-acre property at 9019 N. West County Road in Odessa.

From that location Precision Lining Systems, LLC will market and sell Duoline® fiberglass lining systems together with reclamation services to install Duoline® in new and used oilfield tubulars.  Full employment will be maintained at the current Duoline® facility in Odessa thereby ensuring continuity of product quality and customer service.

According to David A. Marshall, president and COO of Duoline® Technologies: "This relationship will preserve reliable availability of the unique Duoline® product for oilfield companies in the Permian Basin. By maintaining, through Precision Lining Systems, LLC, our long-standing hub of manufacturing in Odessa, our customers will benefit from ready-accessibility of products in west-Texas as well as from our newly expanded 130,000 square foot east-Texas facility in Gilmer."

Mr. Marshall notes that Duoline® liners are produced with optimum quality supported by systems that provide repeatability, precision and traceability. Duoline® Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 certified

Duoline® is a premium internal corrosion resistant lining system for oil and gas steel tubing developed as a high performance, high-value, cost-effective solution to beating the high cost of corrosion and extending the service life of tubulars. Since 1964, more than 80 million feet of Duoline® glass reinforced epoxy lined tubing have been successfully installed worldwide.

For more details contact: David A. Marshall, Duoline® Technologies, 800-345-7423.

E-mail: dmarshall@duoline.com.




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