Durex® Encourages Couples To Communicate Openly Through Honest Pillow Talk

New survey shows that only a quarter of us talk to our partner about sex, despite knowing the importance of a healthy and fulfilling sex life

Mar 21, 2014, 10:17 ET from Durex

NEW YORK, March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- According to new survey results released by Durex, one of the world's leading sexual wellbeing brands, as a nation, people are more comfortable talking about sex with their friends than with their significant others1. Data from the survey found that while 42 percent confide in their friends for sexual advice, only a mere 27 percent turn to the person they should be talking to - their partner. Previous Durex studies have shown how crucial sex is in a relationship, with 75 percent who agreed that sex is important2.

Digital communication and social media play their part in amplifying this communication challenge with mobile phones proving both an asset and major culprit in getting couples talking.  Nearly half of those surveyed said that they feel more confident communicating with their partners through their phones, with 42 percent admitting to sexting with their partners.  However, while some respondents felt more confident communicating with their partner by using their phone, some view these tools as barriers to true communication.  According to Durex's survey, 70 percent of respondents admitted to bringing their phones or tablets to bed with them3. At Durex, we can't help but wonder, "Isn't bedtime the best time to focus on our partners?"

To further illustrate the issue, Durex, in partnership with Cindy Gallop, founder and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn.com, triggered a much-needed conversation about the topic at New York Social Media Week on February 20, 2014. The worldwide event took place across five continents and saw Durex host an expert panel that explored how difficult it is for couples to find a satisfying sex life without an open and honest dialogue. The panel highlighted the challenges in learning how to communicate in a society where sex is still a very taboo subject. The discussion included Durex's Marketing Director, Aurore Trepo, who voiced how everyone has a part to play in inspiring a healthier representation of 'real sex' in the media, including breaking the taboos the U.S. has created around sex.

"Everyone knows how crucial communication is to a successful relationship, but not everyone practices what they know to be true. While 84 percent of couples admit their sex life would improve if they communicated more about sex3, our research highlights that couples prefer confiding in their friend instead of their partner," said Aurore Trepo, marketing director, Durex USA. "There is a strong fear of rejection or hurting your partner's feelings. Additionally, from a young age, American men and women are taught that sex is not appropriate to discuss. However, the couples who are up to the challenge are the first to reap the positive impact on their sex life. Ultimately, sharing more with your partner leads to greater sex, which makes both feel connected and more prone to try new things."

In a bid to improve the sexual health and happiness of couples all over the world, Durex has launched its 2014 mission to inspire couples to achieve the fulfilling sex life they deserve. With this goal in mind, Durex understands that the first step is to help people talk openly about sex. By opening the lines of communication and encouraging sexual dialogue amongst couples, Durex strives to eliminate 'sex talk' taboos in favor of honest pillow talk.

To make these initial discussions easier, Durex has created a variety of assets to guide these conversations and to further their mission for everyone to have even greater sex:

  • A hub of curated online tips and videos to help couples talk about sex and their relationships in a healthy way
  • Events with Cindy Gallop, an advocate for real world/real life sex
  • An online fantasy finder for couples to take their relationship further by 'sexploring'
  • A 'sexpert' that will provide professional advice on how couples can strengthen their relationships through communication and exploration
  • Exciting and pleasurable new products to enhance everyone's sex life, like Massage & Play®, a 2-in-1 massage gel and lubricant

For more information and educational tips, visit the Durex website or visit the Facebook page.

Survey Methodology
1 Survey was conducted via CrowdTap among a sample size of 500 male & female respondents, age 21+.  Survey was conducted between February 7 - 13, 2014.
2 Survey was conducted via Harris Interactive, Inc. among a sample size of 1018 male & female respondents, age 18-65+. Survey was conducted in October, 2011.
3 Survey was conducted via CrowdTap among a sample size of 1,000 male & female respondents, age 21+.  Survey was conducted between January 9 - 23, 2014.
4 Survey was conducted via CrowdTap among a sample size of 1000 male & female respondents, age 21+.  Survey was conducted December 2013. CrowdTap is the network for Brand Influencer Communities and allows marketers to easily collaborate, mobilize and market with their targeted brand crowd of influential consumers.

For more survey results, please contact Porter Novelli.

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