Dutch Government Calls in AGT Netherlands (Custodia) to Revolutionize Crime Prevention in Local Shopping Areas

Aug 04, 2011, 09:00 ET from AGT International

AMSTERDAM, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AGT Netherlands (Custodia), part of AGT International, one of the fastest-growing public safety and security solutions organizations, announced today that it has won a project that will revolutionize crime prevention in shopping areas in the Netherlands. The pilot project, called SafeGrid, will operate with the police in the City of Eindhoven and AGT Netherlands (Custodia) is pleased to be working in collaboration with Cameramanager.com and Zepcam, the University of Tilburg and the Public Security Innovation Center (PSIC).

The project will use state-of-the-art technology to reduce crime by combining real-time camera feed, from fixed cameras and those mounted on police officers, with video analytics, produced by our partners at Tilburg University, that allow for the constant management of the whole shopping area. AGT Netherlands (Custodia) provides the system with the capability to combine and analyze all surveillance footage and intelligence from the area and officers to empower better decision-making and efficient incident response.

The project will increase safety and security by:

  • Working in partnership with shops to share video footage from different systems in a single Command and Control center
  • Showing real-time locations of the police and security employees, allowing the command and control center to respond quickly to incidents
  • Using smart video analytics and filters, reducing time as only relevant footage needs to be studied, allowing suspects to be located and tracked more quickly
  • Using small mobile high-resolution cameras in combination with fixed cameras to ensure that a directed search for suspects can be conducted in real time, enabling the police to locate and question them much faster

Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau, CEO of AGT Netherlands (Custodia) said: "The solution that we will implement will assist the local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to provide a safe and secure shopping experience in Eindhoven. Real-time analysis of the data collected by the sensors will allow the authorities to manage everyday operations safely and efficiently, to detect and prevent potential incidents before they occur, and to respond in the most effective way possible. The addition of mobile cameras with GPS mounted on police officers, means that complete coverage of a situation is achievable and incidents become preventable and manageable. We are delighted that the Mayor of Eindhoven has moved a step closer to making the city a world leader in the field of safety and security."

Mati Kochavi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AGT International said: "AGT International is pleased to be supporting local law enforcement agencies around the globe with projects such as these, which apply the very latest technology to bring safety to families and businesses. This project is another example of our commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the communities and corporations whom we work with, to enable daily life to continue uninterrupted."

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