DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Able to Create .miniso Files to be Mounted by DVDFab Virtual Drive

Mar 16, 2011, 09:00 ET from Fengtao Software, Inc.

BEIJING, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- DVDFab Blu-ray Copy was released on March 15, 2011 with an option added: Create .miniso files in an output folder to be mounted by DVDFab Virtual Drive. This means that from now on, DVDFab Virtual Drive or later can mount image files with a new format (.miniso) produced by Blu-ray Copy, and the output Blu-ray folder with .miniso files in it can be played by PowrDVD and other Blu-ray software players since it just simulates a normal ISO image file.

What is an .miniso file?

You may already know that a normal ISO image file has two parts: image header and folders/files. We can simply regard .miniso file as the image header. In this term, DVDFab Virtual Drive can simulate a normal ISO image file with .miniso files and the folders/files. It's only 1-2 MB, much smaller than an ISO file.

Why Blu-ray Copy was updated to create .miniso file?

We all know that some Blu-ray player software can't play Blu-ray folders, like PowerDVD. But because of this update, Blu-ray Copy can now copy Blu-ray movies to the folder on your hard drive with a file in the format of .miniso included. And after DVDFab Virtual Drive mounts the .miniso file in, PowerDVD then is ready to play the Blu-ray folder content, just like playing a normal ISO image file.

Something you need to know about DVDFab when creating .miniso file

1. Make sure that the DVDFab Virtual Drive installed on your computer is version or later.

2. The .miniso file can be created when copying Blu-ray from disc to folder or from folder to folder. But now it requires rereading and writing work for the existing Blu-ray folder when using the folder to folder method. Good news that some solution in one later DVDFab release will be provided, there definitely will be a faster way to create .miniso file from the existing folder.

3. Overall, it's very fast for creating .miniso file that you may even not note any difference about the whole Blu-ray copy processing time.

4. The .miniso file mounted by DVDFab Virtual Drive has been tested times after times that it works very well with PowerDVD 10 and Total Media Theater 5, and should also work with other software players that can play Blu-ray image files.

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