DVO, the New GHD, Expands Into Asia, Europe, South America

Dec 09, 2011, 11:45 ET from DVO, Inc.

CHILTON, Wis., Dec. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- GHD, Inc., the U.S. leader in anaerobic digestion and designer of nearly half of all American dairy biogas systems, announced today that it will now export its technology to Asia, Europe and South America.  To prepare for this international expansion, GHD, Inc. also announced that the company has changed its name to DVO, Inc.

Farmers in South Korea, Serbia, Chile and Canada have contracted with DVO to benefit from the same technology chosen by the majority of American farmers who have installed digesters over the past decade.

In addition to DVO's international expansion, DVO will soon announce its first municipal customer in the U.S., as well as the first farm-practical nutrient recovery system.  Patents are pending on DVO's new technology which turns digester by-products into valuable fertilizers, using methods that make economic sense for farmers.

"In general, anaerobic digesters take waste and turn it into biogas, fertilizer, animal bedding and more, depending on farm and community needs," said Stephen Dvorak, DVO's President.  "What puts DVO ahead of our competition is that our technology has superior energy production and pathogen kill, an especially robust design and will process a wide range of wastes."

Biogas-producing anaerobic digesters provide farmers with a new, stable revenue stream and a way to better manage their manure and improve neighbor relations regarding odor.  DVO's technology has a reputation for performing reliably with minimal operation and maintenance costs.

DVO's simple design means farmers can stay focused on farming.  This simplicity and the company's 10-year proven track record, derived from more U.S. digesters installed on farms than any other company, has appeal to farmers and investors alike in an American biogas industry on the rise.  According to the American Biogas Council and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, currently less than 200 farm-based digesters are operational; however, U.S. farming will support at least 8,500 more, plus thousands of additional non-farm systems.

With these changes, DVO customers will experience no change in products and services, but all should watch for new activity in 2012 and beyond.  For more information about DVO, biogas and anaerobic digesters, visit the new website: www.DVOinc.net

About DVO, Inc.
DVO, Inc., formerly known as GHD, Inc., is the largest U.S. on-farm designer of anaerobic digesters, systems that take organic waste and turn it into biogas, fertilizer, animal bedding and more, depending on farm and community needs.  DVO designs and installs their patented mixed plug-flow digester in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.  www.DVOinc.net