Dynamic Personalization Key to Motivating and Sustaining Health Behaviors

Learning from emerging consumer trends, Healthrageous applies Dynamic Personalization to Drive Engagement in Health Behavior

Jan 10, 2011, 08:30 ET from Healthrageous, Inc.

BOSTON, Jan. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Applying dynamic personalization technology improves the engagement of individuals in health behaviors to prevent and manage dangerous and costly chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease, according to a new white paper published by Healthrageous, Inc., a personalized connected health technology company.

Dynamic personalization, a real-time approach to interacting with consumers that has been successfully used by retailers, combined with machine learning, which applies algorithms to recognize complex consumer patterns and preferences to create intelligent decisions based on data about what a consumer is interested in, is the key to persuading individuals to adopt healthier behaviors.  Real-time dynamic personalization is ideal for promoting long-term health, according to the paper's authors, because the interaction with an individual evolves based on indicated preferences, needs and behaviors.  Healthrageous connects individuals via the internet and its smart phone app to the company's Dynamic Personalization Engine which is:

  • developing personalized and trackable action plans that lead to successful behavior change
  • leveraging the user's social support networks
  • employing gaming dynamics, including competitive challenges
  • delivering appropriate content
  • suggesting effective features to encourage further success  

"Learning from successful retailers and popular consumer services, such as Amazon and Netflix, Healthrageous can apply machine learning that creates timely and highly personalized interactions for individuals," said Elizabeth Barbeau, ScD, MPH, Chief Science Officer, Healthrageous, and lead author of the white paper.  "By capturing accurate and ongoing data points and providing personally relevant feedback and information, health consumers will be more engaged and responsive."

Healthrageous is applying machine learning to its Real-time Dynamic Personalization Engine, which is constantly learning and delivering a personalized experience in order to maximize each individual's engagement in health behaviors that will result in improved health.  In addition, the Healthrageous engine coaches users to personalize their health management journey from the first interaction.  The more a participant uses the Healthrageous system, the more the engine is able to respond to their individual preferences with the features and content most likely to drive sustained engagement resulting in improve health outcomes.

The Dynamic Personalization Engine continuously collects and analyzes data, gathered from wireless biometric devices such as blood pressure cuffs, short health surveys, usage patterns and user input.  The Engine learns and delivers personalized and engaging biometric health data and actionable health behavior suggestions and reminders through the company's mobile app and website.

"Healthrageous' approach to personalization is right on target.  Many in the healthcare field have awakened to the value of engaging the end user of a health care service. Healthrageous is now ahead of the pack in terms of executing on a person-centric strategy to help individuals adopt healthier behaviors.  They are demonstrating that the advanced use of personalization technology can change behavior," said Ron Geraty, MD, Founder and CEO of Sanare, an end-to-end diabetes management solution, and former CEO of Alere, a leader in disease management and wellness.  Dr. Geraty is a member of the Healthrageous Scientific Advisory Board.

The Healthrageous solution invites participants to improve health habits of their choice such as managing blood pressure or blood sugar, or increasing physical activity.  The Dynamic Personalization Engine leverages real-time data to deliver timely and helpful content and features, and allows participants to customize their experience.  The Healthrageous program can be accessed via a personal computer and/or smartphone mobile apps, and can be tied to incentives.

"The key to delivering effective health and wellness solutions today is to understand and embrace the complexity of the individual," added Barbeau. "To do this, we must continuously gather health data, provide timely feedback, create personalized action plans that change as new data and industry knowledge becomes available and provide a host of activities that create an engaging, meaningful experience."

Healthrageous offers its solutions to a wide variety of organizations, including large employers, health plans, health providers and organizations involved in consumer health and wellness. Customers may license Healthrageous' core platform or may purchase Healthrageous' solution off-the-shelf on a turn-key basis for deployment under their own brand or under the company's Healthrageous brand.

To obtain a complete copy of the white paper, "Positively Changing Health Behaviors and Outcomes: The Case for Real-time Dynamic Personalization," please visit http://www.healthrageous.com/The-Buzz.aspx.

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Launched in 2010, Healthrageous, Inc. designs and delivers highly effective, personalized, interactive, motivational self-management solutions that help individuals shed unhealthy habits and embrace healthy lifestyles. Healthrageous achieves its success by combining wireless biometric sensors, smart phones, individualized coaching, incentive programs and social network support in a real-time, interactive, feedback-rich experience that keeps individuals involved and motivated toward achieving their personal health and wellness goals. The company's solutions are based on technologies developed at the Center for Connected Health, a division of Partners HealthCare, founded by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, teaching affiliates of Harvard Medical School. Healthrageous, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Healthrageous' investors include North Bridge Venture Partners (Boston, MA/San Mateo, CA), Egan Managed Capital (Boston, MA) and Long River Ventures (Amherst, MA). Visit www.healthrageous.com.

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