Dynatrap® Offers Solutions for Trapping Harmful Mosquitoes

The CDC Reports that the Number of West Nile Virus Cases in 2012 are the Highest in History

Aug 17, 2012, 09:53 ET from Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Thus far in 2012, 43 states have seen 693 reported cases of the West Nile virus infection resulting in 26 deaths, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With almost half of the West Nile cases being reported from Texas, the city of Dallas has officially declared itself in a state of emergency due to the rapidly spreading West Nile Virus infections. Whether you live in an area currently experiencing a West Nile outbreak or just want to ensure the continued safety of your loved ones, the Dynatrap® line of pesticide-free, environmentally friendly flying insect traps from Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC offers a simple, effective solution, which when used in conjunction with other basic precautionary measures recommended by the CDC, will help to reduce the risk of being exposed to mosquitoes that may potentially carry the West Nile Virus.

Dynatrap® insect traps are environmentally friendly and available in a variety of styles and mounts, including indoor and outdoor models with proven effectiveness of 1,000 sq. feet up to one acre. The innovative design of the Dynatrap® models catches mosquitoes and other flying insects without adding harmful chemicals to the environment or the surrounding area. The unique Dynatrap® design features a three-way protection model, which works by drawing insects in with CO2, created by the exclusive titanium dioxide coated disc on each trap which produces carbon dioxide through a photo-catalytic reaction which mimics what attracts mosquitoes, a human's breath and body temperature. Additional warmth is added through the ultra-violet fluorescent light to further amplify the insect's attraction to the trap where they are finally lured into a vacuum fan and trapped in the removable retaining cage where they dehydrate and die within 24-hours.

"With the daily reports of West Nile virus outbreaks around the nation there is a growing concern around how to keep yourself safe," said Jim Hunter, President of Dynamic Solutions Worldwide. "Whether you live in Dallas or a region not yet effected, our hope is to help inform Americans on how to protect themselves from infection and offer our Dynatrap insect traps as a simple solution."

Dynatrap® products require negligible set up, and provide an easy option for trapping insects that can transmit deadly diseases. Traps from the full Dynatrap® line retail for between $89 and $199 MSRP and are available at nationwide retailers, including Frontgate, Hammacher Schlemmer, Homedepot.com, Ace Hardware, Menards and Amazon.com. For a full list of products and retail locations, visit Dynatrap.com.

About Dynatrap® and Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC:
Launched in 2006, the Dynatrap® brand introduced consumers to their original insect trap, the DT1000, designed to provide an alternative to expensive propane traps. After significant independent success, Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC acquired Dynatrap® in 2010 and looked to expand on the brand's success. By 2012, Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC has more than doubled the Dynatrap® line, including more versatile models available for indoor and outdoor use, wall-mountable and standing traps, as well as developing products such as the unique Dynazap®, an extendable racket zapper with an articulating head that can reach over three feet. Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC Dynatrap® brand continues to introduce new and innovative ways to trap insects in your yard and home.  Stay up to date on all that Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC has to offer at www.Dynatrap.com.

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