DynaVox Expands the Vmax™ Line of Communication Devices

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Oct 21, 2010, 07:00 ET from DynaVox Inc.

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- DynaVox, the leading provider of speech generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software used to assist individuals in overcoming speech, language and learning challenges, today announced the release of two new additions to the Vmax™ line of communication devices, the Vmax+ High Performance and the Vmax+ Battery Efficiency.  The next generation of the company's popular Vmax device, the Vmax+ devices provide new options that include innovative new hardware and software features that provide individuals with significant speech and language disabilities – especially those who also require technology to overcome and manage physical disabilities – with the tools they need to communicate in virtually any situation.

The DynaVox Vmax+ devices provide the latest technology for power conservation and battery efficiency to allow individuals with speech and language disabilities to communicate effectively and efficiently in real life, day-to-day situations while using a variety of mainstream technologies.  The Vmax+ Battery Efficiency lets conversations flow freely with more than 10 hours of battery-supported continuous use. Utilizing a powerful and efficient dual core processor, the Vmax+ High Performance provides maximum performance and user response in all communication environments. Users will be confident with operational response when the Vmax+ High Performance is used in conjunction with DynaVox's popular EyeMax™ eyegaze system which is easily adapted to meet a wide-range of unique communication and physical needs.

The Vmax+ line of products:

Provides the freedom to communicate in a variety of ways.

Communication takes place in many ways other than face-to-face conversations.  Integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™ capabilities vastly expand the ways in which augmented communicators can connect with others, and increase freedom and independence by allowing users to easily communicate by e-mail, cell phone and text message.  The Bluetooth capabilities also enable the use of many wireless accessories such as switches, headsets, printers and keyboards.  In the past, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity required the purchase of additional equipment at additional cost.

Empowers users and supports language and literacy skills development at any age.

The powerful InterAACt™ language framework on every Vmax+ allows users to spontaneously initiate and participate in conversations, while also providing a consistent organization and structure that guides users through the same natural message formation process that typically speaking individuals use.

Meets the needs of individuals also living with visual and physical disabilities.

The Vmax+ line of products features a large, high-resolution screen that provides greater detail making it easier for individuals with low vision to effectively use the device.  An integrated universal remote control provides independence to individuals living with physical challenges by allowing them to use their Vmax+ to control lights, door-openers, and other common household appliances such as televisions and DVD players equipped with Bluetooth, infrared receivers and X-10 controllers.

A variety of flexible and adaptable ConnectIT™ mounting options are available to ensure that either Vmax+ is appropriately positioned for individuals who require a mounted speech-output device.  

"The Vmax+ line of devices is a very exciting development for the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community," said DynaVox President and COO Michelle Heying. "Providing a perfect balance and user choice of high performance or battery optimization makes a Vmax+ device adaptable, convenient and very flexible.  Both Vmax+ devices enable children and adults with speech disabilities to communicate, compute and connect with the world in new ways and much faster than ever before."

All DynaVox speech generating devices are available in a dedicated configuration which is designed to run communication software only, meeting the "Speech Generating Device" requirements established by Medicare, Medicaid and other third party insurers.

Visit the DynaVox website at www.dynavoxtech.com to learn more about the Vmax+ device.

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