dzdock One Makes Men's Health List of 5 Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Dino Zaharakis, 11-year-old creator, says product is "All for One and One for all"

Dec 23, 2010, 13:54 ET from ZLabs

BETHLEHEM, Pa., Dec. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Men's Health online named dzdock, a stand that hold iPads, Kindles, nooks, tablets, iPhones and other smartphones, one of this year's top-five stocking stuffers.

ZLabs the makers of the dzdock, created by 11-year-old Dino Zaharakis, announced they will give special-edition versions of the innovative gadget to first-buyers in any country. Their goal, to make dzdock One universal stand available to all.

One article in "The Canadian Press" said its inventor "makes wise men seethe."

Customer feedback regarding dzdock includes :

  • high quality, solid, well made and deserving of dzdock's Made in the USA label.
  • a home for my kids iTouch
  • ingenious, the best way to do video calling – hands free
  • keeps my phone plugged in and an arm's length away
  • I use it during breakfast every morning to read the news on my iPad
  • It works the way I want it, with or without a case, in portrait or landscape
  • LOVE IT! with my iPad and wireless keyboard
  • Inspirational

Launched in November, the dzdock, which retails for $29.99, has already found customers in more than a dozen countries from around the world including Australia, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Qatar. They have received distribution requests from around the world and are currently reviewing requests.

Corporations big and small, are also taking advantage of dzdock's ability to display a corporate logo as a corporate gift or to give their offices a uniform look when using iPads or tablets.

The light-weight stand manufactured in Pennsylvania and made of anodized aluminum is angled for optimized viewing and video calling. Available in 8 colors and can be customized by laser engraving an individual's name or a company logo. The stand has a slot that allows a user's device to be place in or removed from the stand while the device remains plugged in.

Visitors to the web-site are invited to propose new colors. "Spice-of-Life Orange" will be added to the available colors. The person who suggested it will receive the first Spice-of-Life Orange stand for free, personalized with their name.

dzdock is available on as well as The stand can be purchased on the company web-site at a promotional rate of $19.99 by entering the code MENSHLTH.