E-Waste Systems' CEO, Martin Nielson, Provides Industry Commentary in Clean Energy Pipeline in Advance of Earth Day

Apr 11, 2012, 05:00 ET from E-Waste Systems, Inc.

LONDON, and COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- E-Waste Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: EWSI), a corporation created to acquire and integrate elements of the electronic waste industry through acquisitions, implementation of business development initiatives and promotion of Fair Trade E-waste solutions, announced today that Martin Nielson's (CEO) commentary was featured in Clean Energy Pipeline during the last quarter. EWSI's platform is designed around strategic acquisitions and partnerships with like-minded organizations committed to best practice protocols. The company is dedicated to providing compliant, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible services geared toward e-waste reverse logistics and recycling.

Martin Nielson, CEO of E-Waste Systems, states, "There was once a time where consumer-focused technologies maintained relevancy measured in decades. Today, our phones, computers, TV's often become outdated in a span of months; not even years. We live in an 'of the moment' age where the masses simply replace instead of repair, and as a result, overlook the importance of proper recycling."

Nielson adds, "The problem with this non-stop drive to bring better, faster, sleeker technology to market is that the average person cannot comprehend what hundreds of millions of tons of phones, computers and other forms of e-waste are doing to the environment or its true value. A used cell phone, for instance, on eBay may be nearly worthless, but the sum of its parts possesses great value.  For example, one ton of old cell phones can contain as much precious metals as 17 tons of gold ore.  E-Waste Systems was created in part to mine these resources; the metals, plastics and glass components of today's technology, so that they can be effectively reused."

The main reasons why the e-waste industry is so fragmented is due to its relatively young age and the fact that operations are typically localized instead of being integrated in a single end of life services company. Therefore, investment and professional business communities often fail to take notice. It is EWSI's intention to unify key elements of this emerging industry, to expand globally, and to help encourage the public at large to comprehend its size, scope and scale.

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About E-Waste Systems, Inc.:
Headquartered in London, where e-waste regulations are the most stringent in the world, EWSI aims to be a leading provider of e-waste related services in key jurisdictions globally. Blumberg Associates estimates the e-waste sector at a $55B industry annually, as legislation increasingly mandates that e-waste can no longer be landfilled. OEM's, retailers and users are increasingly responsible for end-of-life management of e-waste, while Corporate Social Responsibility demands highly compliant, professional solution providers. The collection and recovery industry is also highly fragmented and EWSI considers these elements as an attractive environment for its buy, build and upgrade strategy. Visit www.ewastesystems.com to learn more.

About E-Waste Systems (Ohio), Inc.
Originally founded in March 2010, EWSO provides end-of-life solutions for a wide range of electronics, initially focused on copiers. The company expanded to larger premises upon the close of the acquisition and remains committed to responsible e-waste recycling efforts according to both R2 standards and the Basel convention.

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