Early Bird Alert, Inc. Taps Elder Care Expert Dr. Marion as Spokesperson for EasyConnect™ Healthcare Hotline

Sep 28, 2011, 08:36 ET from Early Bird Alert, Inc.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Early Bird Alert, Inc. (EBA) today announced that leading elder care expert and author Dr. Marion (Marion Somers, PhD.) will serve as a spokesperson for EasyConnect™, the company's free in-home healthcare hotline communications service.  She will also share her experiences and insights in EBA's regular monthly newsletter for EasyConnect™ users, The Caregiver's Alert.

EasyConnect™ is a home-based communications system designed to improve a patient's daily healthcare routine by enabling patient and caregiver to reach each other directly and easily.  EasyConnect™ gives seniors, the chronically ill and others a push-button easy, direct line of communication to the people and services they need when they need them most.  The two-way EasyConnect™ system also allows healthcare providers to easily reach patients with reminders to take prescribed medications, medical alerts, health-related information and other messages.  The EasyConnect™ service is provided free of charge and can be accessed via standard push-button landline telephone or via mobile or smart-phone, web browser, or Internet-connected TV.

"I'm a huge supporter of things that allow seniors to continue living in their own homes independently, without sacrificing safety," said Dr. Marion.  "I love that EasyConnect™ gives both seniors and their caregivers the peace of mind that help is just a push button away.  It's exciting to partner with them to help spread the word."

"In her many years as a geriatric care manager and caregiver, Dr. Marion has an unparalleled understanding of the needs of seniors and their caregivers," said EBA Founder Andrew Kluger.  "We're honored to have her share her knowledge and support with us."

About Dr. Marion

A recognized visionary and thought leader in her field, Dr. Marion (Marion Somers, PhD) has over 40 years of experience as a geriatric care manager, caregiver, author, speaker, and teacher of all things elder care. Dr. Marion offers practical tools, solutions, and advice to help the millions of Americans struggling to care for our aging population.  Dr. Marion's web site offers resources and support as well as information about her book (Elder Care Made Easier), iPhone apps (Elder 411/Elder 911), cross-country speaking tours, syndicated column, media appearances, and more. She is also a proud supporter of the 3in4 Need More campaign (www.3in4NeedMore.com), providing education and awareness about long-term care planning. www.DrMarion.com

About Early Bird Alert, Inc. (EBA)

Early Bird Alert, Inc. (EBA) is dedicated to improving at-home health and connectivity for seniors and the chronically ill.  The company's free EasyConnect™ service helps seniors, the chronically ill, families with critically ill children, veterans and the disabled better manage their own health care by making the communications connection to doctors, pharmacies, caregivers and case managers simple and easy.  EasyConnect™ also delivers daily medication or medical appointment reminders to patients, connects them to transportation services, and offers health-oriented messages, community activity information, even entertainment, all at a button push, mouse click, or screen touch.  Patented and advertising-supported, the EasyConnect™ service operates via a home landline telephone or via a digital version.  www.earlybirdalert.com

EasyConnect is a registered trademark of Early Bird Alert, Inc.

SOURCE Early Bird Alert, Inc.