Earth Day Reminder: Rexel's Top 10 Ways for Businesses to Conserve Energy

Apr 20, 2011, 06:00 ET from Rexel Holdings USA

DALLAS, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Earth Day 2011 arrives during yet another period when surging energy prices are putting the spotlight on conservation.  

Rexel Holdings USA works with big and small companies to boost their energy efficiency.  "We've seen many companies cut their energy usage by at least 5% and a substantial number have reduced their usage by double digits," said Rexel Holdings USA's EVP and CEO Chris Hartmann.

Rexel's energy experts have identified the ten most overlooked energy-saving moves that businesses can consider.

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis of your electricity bill:  Knowing what the bill is each month allows you to focus on it.
  2. Use your analysis to develop a cost-saving plan:  By adding building and lighting controls, you can see up to 30% energy reduction to the overall electrical load.
  3. Invest in a sub meters:  For larger companies, each division or facility can be rated for energy efficiency.  Problem areas can be identified and addressed.
  4. Don't let your office snack on power:  Suppliers vending machines are notoriously energy hungry.  Other ways of providing snacks and drinks can save big bucks. 
  5. Take the long view and spend the extra dollar:  For $1 more, the most popular fluorescent tube can be replaced by one that will save you $5 over its lifetime.
  6. Get with the times:  Most lighting installed in offices today was developed for "pre windows" computers. Redesigned lighting can eliminate unnecessary brightness and excessive power usage.
  7. Take advantage of rebates for retrofits:  In many cases, utilities will create custom rebates for energy retrofits, especially for large customers.
  8. Technology versus behavior:  Today's technology can produce accurate readings of usage and switch off the lights when people forget.
  9. Take advantage of energy-saving tax credits:  The government E-Pact program has been extended until the end of 2013 so that businesses can earn tax credits for energy efficient projects.
  10. Name a 'champion' for energy savings in your company.  

Rexel Holdings USA Corp. is the US operating unit of Rexel SA, the world's largest electrical distributor. Through its commercial brands – Rexel, Inc., Gexpro, Gexpro Services, Capitol Light & Supply and Parts Super Center – it is one of the most important electrical distributors in the US.

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