Eat Delicious Food - Help Save the Planet - Improve Your Karma with the Otarian Carbon Karma Card

First 1000 Customers at Each Restaurant Receive Pre-Loaded Carbon Karma Card

Jun 21, 2010, 09:00 ET from Otarian

NEW YORK, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Otarian, a new boutique fast-casual restaurant chain in New York and the first global chain to carbon footprint all of its menu items to international standards, today launched the Carbon Karma Card.  Looking for ways to improve your karma?  Every time you enjoy a tasty Otarian meal as compared to the meat alternative, you'll rack up "Carbon Karma credits" – rewards for helping save the planet one Otarian meal at a time. This week only, in celebration of the launch, the first 1000 customers who visit the 8th Avenue restaurant and the first 1000 customers to visit the Bleecker Street location will receive a Carbon Karma Card pre-loaded with 75 credits, getting customers well on their way to earning free meals and delicious desserts – now that's good Karma!

The Carbon Karma Card helps Otarian diners better understand the environmental impact of their food choices in a highly measurable and quantifiable way.  The Otarian loyalty card rewards customers with loyalty Carbon Karma credits every time they make a purchase based on the carbon footprint saving they accrued that meal.  As their credits accrue, they will have the ability to redeem them for a voucher on the Otarian website at  Customers can then use their voucher in exchange for a free product the next time they visit an Otarian restaurant.

It's very easy to begin earning Carbon Karma credits at Otarian and make a positive impact on the environment.  With only 100 credits, cardholders will have saved average of 4.23kg of carbon, equating to nearly 30 miles in a Prius, five loads of laundry, lighting a room for 23.5 days or nine dishwasher loads. In store sample Carbon Karma rewards include:

ChocO Treat

100 credits

ChocO Mousse / Panna Cotta O Berry / Creme O Brulee

150 credits

Pea O Spinach Soup SmallO / Roasted TomatO Soup SmallO

200 credits

Avocado Tomato Mozzarella Salad SmallO / Beet O Feta Salad SmallO

250 credits

Mushroom O Cheese Flatbread /Potato Onion O Dill Flatbread

250 credits

Tandoori Mushroom O Paneer Wrap / Toasted Burrito

300 credits

Roasted Vegetable CousCous BigO / Tacos / Penne O Gratin

325 credits

Tex Mex Burger / PortobellO Mushroom Burger

350 credits

Red Curry Noodles / Spiced Coconut Curry

375 credits

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna / Vegetable Biryani

400 credits

Otarian, recently gained American Vegetarian Association Recommended status, is also launching a series of carbon saving combo meals this week, which will allow consumers to not only reduce their carbon impact but also reduce the impact on their wallets.  For example, when customers purchase any veggie burger or tacos with a ChocO Treat and a small beverage, they will save an average of $1.64 and 1.6kg of carbon.  In addition, when Carbon Karma cardholders buy an Otarian combo meal, they will earn an extra 4 to 16% of the credits needed to bring them closer to a free product.  

Consumers can start reducing their carbon footprint and collecting credits by picking up a Carbon Karma Card at either the 154 Bleecker Street or the 947 8th Avenue location. For more information or to begin redeeming your Carbon Karma Credits, please visit

About Otarian

Otarian is a new boutique global quick service restaurant chain and retail brand built on a sustainable platform. It is based on the principles of vegetarianism and its benefits to human health and the well being of all living creatures and the environment. The first Otarian outlets will open in New York and London in early 2010. London outlets will be located on Wardour Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, with a Regent Street outlet opening later in 2010. The first New York outlets are located on Bleecker Street (at Thompson Street) and 8th Avenue (at 56th Street) with a Lexington Avenue outlet to follow later in the year.

Otarian is the flagship Quick Service Restaurant of the Oswal Group Global operated by its Australian subsidiary, Oswal Projects.

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