Eazyrecruit Raises Awareness of Costly Recruitment Methods

Jan 25, 2010, 09:00 ET from Eazyrecruit

NEW YORK, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Most small to mid-sized companies don't have a lot of financial leeway, especially in terms of allocating funds towards quality recruitment efforts. Therefore, watching and controlling costs is an everyday part of business operations.

In addition to direct cash outlays, some of the largest costs associated with talent acquisition include new hire performance and management time spent on attempting to do it on your own.

Unfortunately, the cost that most traditional recruiting companies charge is continuing to skyrocket, leaving many small to mid-sized businesses with limited cost-effective alternatives to fill open positions. That is, until online resourcing firm Eazyrecruit came into the picture. As one of the early pioneers of fixed fee online recruiting, Eazyrecruit provides a fast, efficient and affordable alternative to traditional companies.

Eazyrecruit's latest advertisement, due out in trade publications in February, compares the use of traditional recruiting methods to burning your money. According to Eazyrecruit CEO, Richard Annington, "Traditional recruiting companies essentially rip off customers with their extortionate rates." Eazyrecruit's theory: Posting a few job advertisements, reviewing a couple of resumes and having some general conversations is really NOT worth a multi-thousand dollar fee!

You have to ask yourself where the value is in a service that increases costs for positions with greater seniority. After all, a recruiter's work level doesn't increase because you're paying a few thousand pounds more to the candidate.

So what makes Eazyrecruit so different from traditional recruiting companies? The online resourcing firm strives to reduce clients cost per hire, while improving their quality of hire through an innovative mix of technology and old fashioned recruiting techniques.

From candidate attraction to candidate filtering and management, Eazyrecruit works with organizations to find them great staff while significantly cutting down their cost per hire. Richard concludes, "Whatever the role your company needs to fill, we charge one rate, typically reducing a client's cost per hire by up to 95 percent as well as improving the quality of hire and reducing their lead time to hire."

For more information about Eazyrecruit and the range of cost effective recruitment solutions, visit www.eazyrecruit.com

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