eBackpack Announces the Launch of Enhanced, Innovative iPad App

Popular Paperless Homework Solution Adds Annotations for Students and Teachers

Mar 25, 2013, 18:01 ET from eBackpack

DALLAS, March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- eBackpack, Inc, the leading provider of cross-platform cloud assignment and classroom workflow management solutions, announced today the launch of its enhanced eBackpack App for iPhones and iPads giving students and teachers both a paperless assignment system as well as free-hand annotation functionality.

eBackpack, in conjunction with the iPad app, is saving schools and districts nationwide hundreds of thousands of dollars on printing expenses. Says Layne Schiffelbein of Garden City Public Schools, an eBackpack district, "When we launched eBackpack, students and teachers hit the ground running.  The user-friendly interface allowed students to engage more, become more organized, and provided a way to collaborate.  Teachers began communicating and teaching in a way that just 'fit' our kids.  eBackpack is continually making upgrades to this service, but the one that has our teachers thrilled is the ability to annotate right on the iPad.  The teachers say it's just like grading a piece of paper since they can use their stylus or finger to mark right on the iPad screen and send it back to the students with the click of a button."  

Furthermore, implementing eBackpack had a return on investment in under six weeks according to Mr. Schiffelbein.  "By incorporating eBackpack's solution, Garden City is saving at least $1200 each week by eliminating paper copies. We can't wait to see what eBackpack thinks of next!"

With no central storage on an iPad, students and teachers have struggled with the ability to save files to share or access from a different device.  eBackpack's popular paperless homework solution offers iPad integration to provide an easy way for students and teachers to collaborate and share classroom materials.  

"The iPad is an excellent educational tool but eBackpack helps unlock its full potential to collaborate on classroom materials and provide a paperless workflow," says Michael Zilinskas, eBackpack's CEO.    

The eBackpack app offers a variety of features that make the assignment workflow seamless. Teachers create a document on their device, then open the document into their class folder in eBackpack to put it in an assignment.  This sends out a notification to every student enrolled in the class letting them know a new assignment has been posted for them to work on.  The built-in annotation tools give students the ability to type text, highlight sections they find interesting, and even write freehand on the document using a stylus or just their finger.  When finished, students simply tap the turn in button and the document is sent right back to the teacher.

Grading work for teachers on the iPad using eBackpack is just like grading a physical piece of paper.  Teachers open an assignment and see everything that is submitted.  With the built-in annotation tools, teachers can write on top of the students' documents, enter a grade, and send it back to the students with the tap of a button.  

The eBackpack App also offers full camera roll access for pictures and video and WebDAV integration to maximize compatibility with third party applications.

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