ECDC Files for Patent on Proprietary Social Media Technology

ECDC claims intellectual rights and certain use processes on the web

Apr 18, 2013, 07:30 ET from East Coast Diversified Corporation

ATLANTA, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC) announces that it filed a provisional patent application with US Patent and Trademark office on behalf of its social media business Vir2o.

The provisional application includes claims to intellectual property related to its "JoinMe" technology as well as other use processes that have been developed for Vir2o.

""JoinMe" is our key property in this space and we want to protect it aggressively and globally," said Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO ECDC. "Social Media is still developing and will evolve over the next several years.  "JoinMe" is designed to fundamentally change how people interact and engage each other, it's not screen sharing," Aladesuyi continued, "it puts people in the same place, at the same event, sharing content interactively, in real time, regardless of their location. "JoinMe" will add something unique and interesting to social media and the web, allowing people to engage in meaningful activities online, such as going to the movies, listening to music or shopping together regardless of location."

Vir2o's algorithm in the site's Marketplace allow advertisers to gain access to data on which users influence followers, not just to follow trends but make buying decisions. When people congregate, human behavior changes, with Vir2o allowing people to congregate in real time, it will be interesting to see how consumers buying decisions are influenced.

"Knowing who can influence followers and friends to make buying decision is relevant information for businesses" said Andrej Jeremic, ECDC's VP of Business Development. "When people congregate and shop together we expect to see significant change in buying patterns. "JoinMe" creates a new way for people to congregate on the web and a refreshing new approach for businesses to look at social media as a tool for commerce."

"JoinMe" allow users on Vir2o to engage interactively, whether shopping, watching movies or sharing photo; it brings two or more people together in a meaningful way. Users can provide or limit access to different categories of content or folders in their rooms with enhanced privacy tools. Invited friends are not just there as viewers or observers but can also functionally maneuvers through a friend's site content simultaneously when access has been provided.

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