ECFAR Calls on Romania to Ban Fur Farming

Jan 06, 2016, 04:25 ET from European Campaign for Animal Rights

BRUSSELS, January 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The European Campaign for Animal Rights (ECFAR) today called on Romania to act to ban fur farming within its borders. ECFAR is increasingly concerned that Romania is seen as an easy destination by companies facing fur-farming bans in their own countries.

Speaking in Brussels today, ECFAR director Jennifer Hamerman said: "While we are all so pleased that the hard-fought battle to ban fur farming in the Netherlands is finally won and fur farming will be banned there, sadly this just means that the torture gets transferred to other countries.

"There are 153 fur farms in Romania and we note that these include farms run by Dutch companies avoiding the ban in their own country.  Perhaps newer countries to the EU feel they need to accept such practices, but it is difficult to comprehend why Romania -- with its highly educated workforce, great capacity for high tech innovation, natural resources and advantageous geographical location -- wants to suffer s a reputation as a destination for a practice rejected as cruel by Croatia, the UK and Austria."

ECFAR believes the farming of mink, wild and solitary by nature, in small and dirty cages where they pace and self-harm is cruel.  The killing methods of gassing to death in boxes or anal electrocution are also completely unacceptable. 

Ms Hamerman added: "Fur farming is an industry that inflicts extreme cruelty, both in the way it forces animals to live and the methods used to kill.  There are countless natural and synthetic alternatives for the clothing industry to use.  We have no need or excuse for this industry. Let Romania take a stand in banning fur farms."

SOURCE European Campaign for Animal Rights