Eco-Friendly, Innovative Cars Abound at MPG Car Rental

The many green vehicles at MPG Car Rental await customers who are interested in eco-friendly auto innovations

Mar 08, 2013, 19:27 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For the last few years, there has been plenty of buzz regarding the latest mobile apps for Androids and iPhones; now, to add to the discussion, software developers are thinking of apps' usability in cars. This week, American auto manufacturer Ford announced that it is releasing its patented in-car app software as an open-source project. The code enables phone apps to be utilized through voice control and audio buttons in the vehicle. Now that the app developers have access to the once-private software, continued advancements are expected.

The most accomplished automakers in the world have set a special focus on technological improvements, and not only in terms of on-the-road communication methods. Major manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet have covered tremendous ground in recent years with innovations that safeguard the environment and help the individual save money. Today's drivers have plenty of options when it comes to fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars. Now, the most attractive and reliable diesel-powered, electric, or hybrid car rental is available at MPG Car Rental in Venice, California. The manufacturers continue to build upon the older models that still trump most standard, gasoline-powered autos in terms of comfort and gas mileage, and at MPG Car Rental, the customer is sure to find a cutting-edge car rental hybrid to fit his or her lifestyle.

A Prius rental, like the compact Prius c or the more spacious Prius v, is a favorite of MPG Car Rental's new and returning customers. When the couple in need of a smaller vehicle rents the Prius c for around-town transport, they will benefit from the incredible inner-city and freeway gas mileage the vehicle achieves (53 mpg in the city and 46 on the highway). The Prius v boasts equally impressive fuel-efficiency but was designed with both the sporty individual and the full family unit in mind. When the family of five enters this Prius, they will be thrilled with the comfy, spacious interior, while luggage and recreational gear easily fits in the back-cargo area.

If the customer has the hankering for something new, he or she may rent the electric Chevy Volt or the turbo-charged diesel-injected Volkswagens, such as the Jetta TDI or Jetta Wagon TDI. With the Volt, the customer can drive up to 35 mpg gas-free and up to an astounding 375 miles on a full tank. Like the Prius v, the Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI is family-friendly auto, reaching 40mpg, a diesel vehicle with a sleek exterior that provides maximum comfort to every passenger. 

Scheduling a pick-up with MPG Car Rental requires little of the customer's time. He or she may use the online reservation form on the agency's official website or may call 877-870-7821 to obtain further information related to a particular vehicle. Experience eco-friendly auto innovations with a member of MPG Car Rental's green fleet.

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