Eco Red Shield Treated Smart Components® Debut At Korea's 2012 BMC Exposition

Korean Construction Companies are Quickly Becoming a Power House in World Wide Construction Projects

Sep 13, 2012, 06:09 ET from Eco Building Products, Inc.

VISTA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Eco Building Products, Inc. (OTCBB: ECOB) is pleased to announce that Eco Red ShieldTM lumber protection combined with a new generation of seismic and high-wind engineered shear wall elements known as Smart Components® developed and licensed by Trussed, Inc. are currently on display this week at Korea's 2012 BMC Exposition.

As realized through our product's presence this week in Korea, Eco Red Shield is rapidly gaining product awareness and recognition in off-shore emerging markets where the demand for the Company's new technology exists today. Consumers of the world have begun to realize the importance of building safer, especially in regions subject to seismic and high-wind activity, and is actively looking for new technology solutions embracing their concerns. Korean building codes require Fire Retardant Treated Wood for all four or more story wood framed buildings making Eco Red Shield's recent QAI Listing for structural fire retardants coupled with Smart Components® a perfect match for the Korean market place.

Seismic and high-wind engineered panels and frames protected with Eco Red Shield are designed to meet lateral and vertical demand loads, custom manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to ensure an exact fit every time – resulting in more efficient installation, reduced labor costs and time savings. Smart Components® are manufactured using typical dimensional lumber, metal connector plates and patented concentric hold-down connectors serving as a key load-transfer mechanism for the building. Smart Components® are designed to meet critical load resistance needs providing a cost-effective alternative to other proprietary shear wall elements, eliminating the need for all structural sheathing.

Recent seismic events in China and other world regions are a demonstration of Mother Nature's power resulting in heightened consumer awareness, and reinforcing the need for the rapid implementation of this new building technology. The world's science community continues to provide advanced detection and warnings for natural events such as these, what's your National Builder doing to protect you? ECOB's line of building products provides superior protection against fire, mold, wood rot and termites; reinforced with precision engineered Smart Components® for seismic and high-wind events; tested and listed by QAI Laboratories for Class "A" flammability performance on all solid sawn lumber; all wrapped up in GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM with Indoor Air Quality Certifications. In essence, wooden structural framing components protected with Eco Red Shield, and engineered for seismic and high-wind activities, represent a cost-effective, eco-friendly, safe alternative in comparison to typical construction materials of steel, brick, block and mortar.

"This is an amazing story. The Company worked with Ken Cloyd from California TrusFrame for years teaching them the value of protecting the engineering values of lumber and trusses here in the United States, now we get to watch them follow our lead, as we move off-shore for housing starts building with Eco Red Shield. We have been lobbying California TrusFrame and the rest of the lumber and components manufacturers about the housing opportunities off-shore using protected lumber, and we're glad to see Ken and his team is being very successful. ECOB supplied the Eco Red Shield protected lumber for their booth in support of California TrusFrame. Timing is everything in this business, and as Ken and his team are over at this show, seismic events in China are wreaking havoc in rural areas where they continue building with brick and block. We are very supportive of California TrusFrame's business efforts going after off-shore housing in Korea and China; we've made a verbal agreement to provide them with our Eco Red Shield lumber on any and all of their contracts, both here in the USA and abroad. ECOB's vision isn't to build all of the homes around the world, or even here in the USA; our vision is to lead the charge in creating primary demand just as we've done locally with E Build and Truss. Once successful we hand it back to organizations like California TrusFrame, allowing ECOB to be the supplier of protected lumber products," stated President and CEO Steve Conboy.

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