Economic Downturn has Business Turning to Government Contracts to Survive

Aug 27, 2013, 06:30 ET from GSA Applications

WASHINGTON, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A tough economy finds small businesses struggling, and Robin Smith, senior advisor at GSA Consultants Online, has a solution for these businesses to find success through government contracts.


GSA Consultants Online helps these small businesses secure government contracts, which not only serves to keep these struggling companies in business but often spurs growth and expansion that stimulates the economies in their own communities," says Smith. "To date, GSA Consultants Online has helped its clients earn more than $1.3 billion, as they secure a GSA Schedule contract and start earning in the government market."

Estimates show that the U.S. government spent over $40 billion in 2012 with companies that were directly contracted with the government through the GSA. With 23 percent of all government expenditures federally mandated to be made with small businesses, becoming a certified vendor for government buyers can prove extremely valuable in increased sales and revenue.

Projections for 2014 Budget will be coming out September 30, 2013, and this puts a halt to all the talks about the budget cuts and spending cuts. Regina Mayer, a GSA procurement specialist at GSA Consultants Online states, "We were worried about the sequestering talks and all of the spending cuts. We even were backing off certain industries, however, now we need to act quickly to help businesses get their GSA Contract, because in stark contrast with predictions, based on information soon to be released, we will actually see an increase in spending."

Mayer continued, "We will need to reach out to more vendors so we can assist them in getting their GSA Contract to be able to fulfill the GSA needs. We have been helping people do business with the Government for over 17 years now and been extremely aggressive in helping not only large businesses but small businesses as well."

GSA Consultants Online is a full service business consulting firm with offerings for all government services. Our Washington Branch services only the GSA clients in their effort to obtain their GSA Schedule Contract. Our home office or New Jersey office located in Bergen County offers a full gambit of business consulting services to suit any size business.

Contact for GSA Consultants Online: Regina Mayer at (202) 429-2028. 


SOURCE GSA Applications