eCORP International, LLC Announces Addition of New Vice President, International Operations Johnny A. Kopecky

Dec 16, 2010, 13:11 ET from eCORP International, LLC

HOUSTON, Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- eCORP International, LLC ("eCORP") is very pleased to announce the addition of Johnny A. Kopecky to the eCORP management team as Vice President, International Operations.

Mr. Kopecky comes to eCORP after enjoying a very distinguished career in the domestic and international oil and gas business managing exploration and development efforts in multiple regions of the United States, onshore and offshore, and in numerous foreign countries including Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Republic of Georgia, Guinea, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Syria, Trinidad, Ukraine and UK Offshore.

While working for a major oil and gas producer in the 1990s, Mr. Kopecky held various positions including Vice President, International Business Development and Operations, focusing on negotiation and capture of international development deals, and in particular, deals in China, Trinidad, and India. Additionally, he served as Vice President & Managing Director of Trinidad for the same company, and set up operations there, including an office in Port of Spain, and installed two offshore producing platforms in about 200' of water. With the first platform, he fulfilled an informal target of starting up gas sales within one year of signing the concession agreement. His staff drilled some record time-to-depth wells in the early 90's, records which still stand today. He carried out similar activities in India on a project investing US$1 Billion, where 5 well "jackets" were set in the first offshore construction season after contract signing. As the Vice President & General Manager of China he oversaw the 4.5 million acre holdings in onshore China and set up operations there which involved outfitting two offices, staffing the operations and commencing field work. He gained broad onshore production, drilling and workover experience while managing onshore production for Union Texas Petroleum's complete US onshore field portfolio. His earlier engineering and operations assignments at Superior Oil, Mobil and Exxon (his first industry employer) provided an excellent launch pad for the major overseas projects undertaken later in his career.

Just prior to joining eCORP, Mr. Kopecky has been a principal of International Energy Associates, offering project acquisition and start-up services to companies with respect to international portfolios, as well as operations and engineering services for implementing exploration and development programs in the US and overseas.

Regarding the addition of Mr. Kopecky to the eCORP team, John F. Thrash, Chairman and CEO of eCORP said: "eCORP is truly privileged to have the opportunity to tap the tremendous expertise possessed by Johnny Kopecky. With Johnny on the eCORP team, we are primed to embark on our European drilling program with unparalleled safety and environmental stewardship, together with the efficiency and professionalism that come with decades of experience."

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