EcoSMART Launches New Trio of DIY Bed Bug Products for Home and Travel

New Bed Bug Prevention and Repellents Use No "Bad" Chemicals

Mar 02, 2011, 08:00 ET from EcoSMART Technologies

ATLANTA, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bed Bugs are the latest target in EcoSMART's war on insects.  The company has developed a trio of completely natural, SAFE pesticide products including a travel size repellent that erects a barrier, effectively preventing the pests from entering an unwitting traveler's suitcase and hitching a ride home, beginning a new infestation.

"The industry is trending toward using older, more deadly products to treat bed bugs because these pests have developed resistance to some of the newer products," said Steve Bessette, inventor and EcoSMART founder.  "What we introduce today incorporates over 15 years of science into a completely natural, safe and - most importantly - effective line of products.  Our trio offers a do-it-yourself, multi-pronged attack on these pests that are wreaking havoc across the United States."  

Busy moms and business travelers alike will appreciate that EcoSMART's products are completely natural and SAFE for use around kids and pets and do not persist in the environment.  The Bed Bug products join the company's complete line of home and garden pesticides that all incorporate a patented combination of organic, all-botanical products.  

The new line features three types of products, one is a travel-sized repellent that allows travelers to erect a "barrier" around their suitcase and other areas so unwanted guests can't hitch a ride home.  Two other products are specially formulated to kill bed bugs; one is for use directly on mattresses and carpets, the other for cracks and crevices where bed bugs notoriously hide and breed.  The Bed Bug Killers and Travel-Size Repellent, like all EcoSMART products, have undergone rigorous testing by third party scientists and labs and have proven effective on pesticide resistant strains of bed bugs.  The products are made from botanicals, many of which are classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and qualify for the government's highest safety standard.

Based on consumer concern and a thirst for reliable information, EcoSMART also today launched a national educational website.  People can turn to and click on the Bed Bug link for trusted, dependable information from the experts including fact sheets, backgrounders, scientific studies, news and trends, and even a fun bed bug quiz.

Post WWII, bed bugs declined in the US with the increase of DDT and other improvements in hygiene and education.  However, experts say these pests were flourishing internationally and with increased travel, immigration and the highly evolved hitchhiking capabilities of these nasty pests, the United States has recently realized a burgeoning resurgence in bed bug infestations.   Additionally, experts point to bed bug evolution and adaptations that have made them resilient to the more commonly available pesticides.

Active ingredients in EcoSMART's new Bed Bug line include rosemary and peppermint oil as well as other botanicals found in nature and, often, in kitchen cabinets.  The patented line was developed by the company and its scientific advisory panel which has been consulting with EcoSMART for 15 years.  The panel includes industry experts, entomologists, insect toxicologists and other influential researchers and is a cornerstone of EcoSMART, providing the company access to the best thinking and driving continual innovation.  

EcoSMART's Bed Bug products differ from these more common pesticides through the use of botanical actives, introducing a new (but completely safe-for-humans) attack on bed bugs.  EcoSMART's all-organic pesticides and patented mode of action technologies attack the octopamine nervous system in invertebrates.  Since mammals have no octopamine receptors, these green insecticide products effectively attack invertebrates without harming humans or their pets.  

The EcoSMART Bed Bug line will be available beginning March 2011, online and select retail stores nationally .  All Bed Bug products are less than $10 and the three-ounce travel size retails for less than $5.  Special bundles feature special pricing; all bundles are under $20.  

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