EdenPURE Announces 2011 Lineup

Aug 31, 2010, 14:12 ET from Suarez Corporation Industries

CANTON, Ohio, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- As Summer comes to an end, EdenPURE, the family owned manufacturer of North America's #1 portable home heating system, announced their new lineup for the upcoming season.

"We're excited about our new models which include money-saving breakthroughs for consumers, new partnerships and more choices than ever for our loyal customers," said Tim Ditty, EdenPURE's Executive Director.

The entire EdenPURE line has been made over with no less than 5 models to choose from.

EdenPURE Signature

The new Signature model was designed and engineered with technological breakthroughs to keep you comfortable and save you money on your heating bill. EdenPURE's engineers combined patented copper and infrared heating design with a customized humidifier, air purification ionizer and even a remote control timer.  The result is a completely new healthy home heating system known as the EdenPURE Signature.


The new GEN4 is the next generation in portable home heating systems. EdenPURE's engineers partnered with electronics giant Sylvania to design special Infrared Bulbs with the existing EdenPURE copper heating chambers for more efficient heating.  They even redesigned the air flow resulting in amplified heating performance.  The designers at EdenPURE call this their "EdenFlow Direct Air" technology.


Our all-time best seller is the GEN3 Model 1000.  This classic provides portable heat on demand to millions throughout North America.  The workhorse of the EdenPURE line combines efficient heating, portability, safety and money savings for our customers. Engineered with our original copper heating chambers and six infrared bulbs the GEN3 Model 1000 provides reliability with its long history and proven track record.

EdenPURE US1000

The new EdenPURE US1000 is now completely designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.  The US1000 heats as efficiently as our previous EdenPUREs while creating jobs across the USA. "In 2007 EdenPURE challenged us to manufacture their best-selling heater entirely in the United States," recalls Chief Engineer Neil Tyburk.  Tyburk realized he couldn't compete on labor costs.  However, he could redesign the heater and make assembly more efficient and more cost effective. The innovative EdenPURE US1000 uses high efficiency infrared bulbs, a metal cabinet and recessed "non-tip" wheels while providing the famous EdenPURE heating efficiency.

EdenPURE Personal Heater

Perfect for a bedroom or office the EdenPURE Personal heater moves easily from room to room.  Our Personal Heater works in any space up to 300 square feet.  

Using zone heating our Personal Heater can keep you comfortable and reduce your heating bills. And if you are able to delay firing up your large central furnace until the weather turns much colder, your savings can be substantial.  

New faces

EdenPURE is proud to announce Richard Karn as a new spokesperson for our portable heating systems.  Richard will work closely with our primary spokesman Bob Vila.  In fact, Richard and Bob recently completed filming on our new EdenPURE infomercial featuring our brand new GEN4 model.

Many of you know Richard from his long running role as Al Borland on ABC's Home Improvement.  You can see Richard and Bob Vila on our television, radio and print campaigns starting this Fall.

The EdenPURE Heater, manufactured and distributed by Biotech Research hit the market in 2005, has sold over 1 million heaters and has been nationally marketed and previously endorsed by the late Paul Harvey.  Suarez Corporation Industries the parent company of Biotech Research has been in business for 41 years.

Biotech Research has operated under Suarez Corporation Industries for the past 6 years, marketing several healthy home products direct to consumers.  For more information regarding the EdenPURE Heater please visit www.edenpure.com.

CONTACT: Lauren Capo, +1-330-497-6866, lcapo@suarez.com

SOURCE Suarez Corporation Industries