Edison Nation Medical and Transplant Cafe Team Up to Drive Product Innovation Around Transplantation

Organizations partner to generate new ideas to support transplant recipients and donors

Oct 22, 2014, 10:07 ET from Edison Nation Medical

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Edison Nation Medical, the premier healthcare innovation marketplace, today announced a partnership with Transplant Café, a social network that enables transplant recipients, caregivers, donors and those awaiting transplants to share experiences and ideas. Edison Nation Medical, which develops innovative products that improve patient care, will work with Transplant Café to encourage the organization's 4,000-plus members and the wider community to submit new ideas for products that can support transplant patients and donors and enhance the standard of patient care.

Transplant Café was founded by Nelson Freytes, an experienced Internet marketer, social entrepreneur and social media specialist who received a liver transplant in 1998. His objective in creating TransplantCafé.com was to offer a unique gathering place for a community that traditionally has not received much mainstream attention while also raising awareness for issues affecting the transplant community, providing support, engaging in advocacy and hosting a venue for transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, caregivers, transplant organizations and those who work in the field of transplantation to make connections and share ideas. The community has grown significantly, giving members a platform through which to express themselves, share their transplant stories, make new friends and expand their knowledge.

"According to the Department of Health and Human Services, an average of 79 people receive an organ transplant in the US every day," said Robert Grajewski, President of Edison Nation Medical. "People of all ages receive transplants to treat a variety of medical conditions, and while transplantation is an increasingly common medical procedure, some patients face daunting challenges that innovation can help overcome. A community of people who have dealt with those issues can be a valuable source of inspiration and innovation, so we're looking forward to working with Transplant Café to discover new ideas to help current and future transplant patients."

"Our community is incredibly creative, and no one understands the issues involved in transplantation better than those who have experienced it first-hand," said Freytes. "As an inventor myself, I've researched ways to get new product ideas produced, but many companies focus exclusively on non-healthcare products or offer the inventor only a tiny fraction of any eventual profit. Edison Nation Medical provides a very generous portion of all licensing royalties and revenues, and the company has unique expertise with medical products. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Edison Nation Medical and generate new ideas from and for the Transplant Café community."

Edison Nation Medical is an online open innovation marketplace connecting inventors' ideas with companies that possess the expertise to globally manufacture, distribute and market those ideas. In support of the partnership, Edison Nation Medical has launched an open innovation search to uncover novel ways to improve the lives of transplant patients and to enhance the standard of patient care. Transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, caregivers, transplant organizations and those who work in the field of transplantation are encouraged to submit invention ideas involving new medical products, devices, and technologies to www.EdisonNationMedical.com/transplant.

Joining Edison Nation Medical is free, and inventions submitted through the company's confidential, secure online portal are reviewed in detail by medical, product development and legal experts. Following this in-depth evaluation, Edison Nation Medical's expert design and engineering teams invest in and improve concepts as appropriate. The end goal is to commercialize each qualified product idea either by licensing the idea to a medical device manufacturer or by incubating the idea into a company. When successful in doing so, Edison Nation Medical shares subsequent licensing royalties and revenues with the inventor.

To learn more about Edison Nation Medical, please visit www.EdisonNationMedical.com. Find out more about Transplant Café at www.TransplantCafe.com.

About Transplant Café
TransplantCafe.com was created with input and ideas of members of the transplant community for the transplant community. It is a social network community that facilitates personal connections, conversations, awareness, support and action to those waiting for transplants, recipients, living donors, donor families that have donated a loved one's organs, caregivers, transplant organizations and those who work in the field of transplantation. The community has grown significantly, giving members a platform through which they can interact with each other, share their unique experience with transplantation, express themselves and promote awareness by creating and sharing their transplant story through personal profiles, blogs, discussions, groups, forums, posting community events, adding videos, sharing photos and more.

About Edison Nation Medical
Edison Nation Medical is a healthcare innovation marketplace with deep expertise in open innovation, product development, and health care. Born out of collaboration with Carolinas HealthCare System (the second largest public health system in the United States), Edison Nation Medical's mission is to break down the barriers to healthcare innovation. We make this a reality by providing a clear and easy pathway through our open innovation platform for anyone — physicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, even patients and caregivers — to submit a medical invention idea for full evaluation and potential commercialization. Edison Nation Medical innovation headquarters is in Charlotte, NC with satellite offices in San Francisco and New York City. For more information, please visit www.EdisonNationMedical.com or find Edison Nation Medical on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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