Edmodo, Microblogging Platform for Educators, Merges with Revolution Learning's Fusion Project

Launched in September 2009, more than 200,000 students and teachers use Edmodo

Feb 10, 2010, 11:41 ET from Edmodo

ELGIN, Ill., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Edmodo, a private micro-blogging and social learning platform for teachers and students, announces its acquisition by the Fusion Project, one of Revolution Learning's portfolio companies. Revolution Learning is a private equity investor concentrated on improving formal and informal learning globally. Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Edmodo, initially founded in September of 2008 by Jeff O'Hara and Nic Borg, makes an impact internationally by helping teachers and students communicate and collaborate with one another using a next generation social learning platform. Members are able to share ideas, files, events and assignments in a virtual setting. Since publicly launching in September 2009 more than 200,000 students and teachers have signed up for Edmodo and user registrations are rapidly increasing each month.

The merger between Edmodo and the Fusion Project accelerates the momentum and scale that both companies are experiencing to further improve the quality of web services available to the education community. "Our companies share a similar vision of what a social education platform should look like. Edmodo's teacher centric model with Fusion Project's student centric model is a winning combination. Together we will accomplish much more in a shorter period of time," says Chuck Rosendahl, COO/CEO, Fusion Project.

The merged company will continue on as Edmodo and has future plans for both product and market growth, emphasizing look and feel of the platform and underlying services to educators and students.

Most of Edmodo's growth to date is largely due to traditional word-of-mouth and on the ground marketing. "Now that we have combined ranks and have the resources in place to take us to the next level, expect to hear a lot more about Edmodo in the future," says Rosendahl. "We are now in a position to take Edmodo to the next level, and our users seem to agree."

Plans include launching an international presence, increased conference speaking engagements and some key upcoming strategic partnerships in the education industry.

It's all about education. Originally developed as a tool for educators to improve their classroom experience, Edmodo co-founder Jeff O'Hara says, "Edmodo was designed to be easy to use, which teachers and students seem to get instantly. Too many times I've seen a school district purchase tools that go unused because there's a fundamental breakdown in usability. As we move forward, we are going to leverage our success around usability and stay true to our core."

What are people saying about Edmodo online?

"@paulmcgovern29 Yeah @Zemote has another great resource in the form of Edmodo - such a great time to be involved in education."

"@sharland excellent video - sold on edmodo - side note i enjoyed how most of them 'liked' the fact that they cant forget their homework!"

"@froggieflo thanks. I love Edmodo so much, and my students as well"

"@mayfieldc Getting material to students was the goal of my website, but now I do that and more with Edmodo."

About Edmodo
Edmodo is a private micro-blogging platform built for use by teachers and students for use in the classroom. The problem with traditional web 2.0 tools in a k-12 classroom environment is concerns over privacy of the students. Edmodo has been built with the privacy of students in mind. Edmodo provides a way for teachers and students to share notes, links, and files. Teachers also have the ability to send, alerts, events, and assignments to students. Edmodo also has a public component built by allowing at the teachers discretion to post any item to a public time line at the teacher's discretion.

About Revolution Learning
Revolution Learning is a multi-stage private equity investor concentrating on improving formal and informal learning globally. With a focus on innovative learning tools, platforms, and formats, Revolution Learning focuses on companies that improve educational engagement, access, and efficiency. We are particularly interested in innovations that connect young people in emerging economies with viable life options. Revolution partners have deep expertise in building successful businesses, deploying leading-edge learning technologies, and scaling innovative school operations.