Education Strategy (ES) Announces a Full Suite of Analytics to Assist Small and Midsized Colleges and Universities

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Sep 08, 2011, 10:04 ET from Education Strategy

CENTREVILLE, Va., Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Education Strategy, provides Adult & Online Learning Solutions for higher education -- successfully blending business acumen with educational mission through internal & external analytics, context-specific adult & online curriculum development, enrollment management and strategic planning services.

The National Center for Education Statistics (2010) predicts a 23% increase in enrollments of students 25 years and older from 2010 to 2019 compared to a 9% increase of traditional aged students during the same period.  This statistic is nothing new to observers of higher education, but what is new is the heightened level of activity in small and midsized colleges attempting to find ways to meet this new demand.

"You can't fight demographics or ignore a compelling point of pain," says Dr. Nathan Greeno of Education Strategy.  The demographic trends for the next decade are very clear.  Except for small surges, the traditional aged student is in decline and the adult student is returning to college at an exponential rate.  Identifying and meeting that adult student at his/her greatest point of pain and solving it is mission critical.  For the adult student the point of pain is "lack of time" and the solution is convenient (online) education with academic integrity.

The difficulty for most small and midsized colleges and universities is that they don't have the required resources to effectively bring about the necessary changes required in strategy and tactics.  As a result, decisions are often made quickly based on unverified assumptions and not on real data. This results in confusion when enrollment is low and attrition is high.  Alternatively, the decision of what strategy to adopt may become so overwhelming that institutions take on "analysis paralysis" and its resulting indecisiveness of how to achieve success. 

Education Strategy has a rich history of assisting over 100 colleges and universities create rapid and sustained growth in the Adult Education & Online market. It is out of that 20 plus year legacy that Education Strategy created a full suite of analytics to assist with data-driven strategic decisions for Adult & Online programs.  For more information, go to Education Strategy.

It is critical to the mission of small and midsized colleges and universities to develop an Adult & Online Strategy based upon real data, not assumptions. The answer to the question of "Why are analytics critical to success in today's competitive online environment?" is relatively simple.  Small and midsized colleges and universities can't afford a mistake as the appropriate use of institutional resources and the management of the diminishing resource of time will determine both voice and relevance tomorrow. 


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