EESTech Broadens Product and Service Offering to Capitalize on Mine Site Remediation and Waste Recovery Opportunities

Apr 14, 2014, 11:00 ET from EESTech, Inc

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EESTech (a publicly traded company on the OTC Market under symbol EESH)( is pleased to announce that over the past twelve months it has successfully completed three significant technology acquisitions that position the company as a leading provider of mine site remediation and waste resource reclamation services.

The three technologies acquired equip EESTech with the capability to generate an ongoing or recurring income stream from the onsite reforming of mine waste into high value re-saleable products. EESTech's business model incorporates service agreements with mining companies that will entitle EESTech to a processing fee and or a revenue share with the mine owner and or an off-take agreement for all waste material processed.

The new technologies of EESTech include:  

1. The Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM), a proven waste reclamation system, which utilizes proprietary binding agents to reform mine waste into commercially useable and saleable products;

2. The Delta-E system that utilizes natural energy forces to reduce the cost of refining of minerals and other compounds into a purified or concentrated form as an alternative or enhancement to smelting and refining;

3. Exothermic Pyrotechnic Composition (EPC) is a proprietary energy enhancing aluminothermic infusion process, which increases the thermal energy output and combustion pressure of ignitable materials.

(Additional Information can be found on the "Products" page of EESTech's website;

Each of these technologies can be operated as stand-alone systems or integrated to provide an end to end mine site remediation and waste recovery solution and this capability will set new operating standards for the management of waste generated by the mining industry. The deployment of EESTech products and services will transform mine waste, currently described as an environmental liability, into a valued resource while dramatically reducing the impact of mine waste on the natural environment.

The specific gravity and abrasive nature of coal will limit each process module to a production of approximately 120 tons per hour, on larger coal projects a multiple of modules could be used. Most other waste resources can be processed at a rate of between 250 and 350 tons per hour.
The positive impact of this on a mining company's reserve holdings, balance sheet and ability to demonstrate enhanced environmentally responsible mining practices will set a new benchmark for the industry. 

The transformation and recovery of mine waste into a saleable resource allows stockpiles of waste to be recognized as a valuable resource of unprocessed inventory rather than an environmental liability. The value of this inventory will be established through the structuring of forward off-take agreements for all recovered resources produced by EESTech.

These market ready services being offered by EESTech are being well received by the mining sector, where agreements with a number of high profile mining and waste management companies have already been secured.

EESTech's project partner companies are presently undertaking an assessment with the support of EESTech to identify and select the most commercially suitable mines and waste stockpiles to where EESTech services will be best deployed. Priority is being given to project sites, which can readily accommodate an immediate deployment of EESTech's plant and equipment, with sizeable stockpiles of waste that can be processed to generate near term revenues and earnings.

Mr Murray Bailey, EESTech's Chairman stated that the company was anticipating the first mine site remediation project to be commissioned within the next twelve months and was optimistic a number of project announcements would soon follow. He further adds that the service model approach and the cost effectiveness of EESTech's waste recovery management services are compelling reasons why mine owners-operators are now calling on EESTech. 

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